dark marble

Dark Marble

Dark marble has always been associated with extra-luxury and modern spaces: this is why dark marble is very often found in 5-star hotels and opulent buildings.

The dark marble par excellence is undoubtedly black marble such as black Calacatta marble with its characteristic contrast between dark black background and bright white veins, or Portoro dark marble with its golden veins that make it perhaps the most valuable and sought-after dark marble in the whole world.

However, in addition to black marble, alternative and equally interesting types of dark color marble are increasingly used such as dark grey marble (e.g. Bardiglio), dark green marble (e.g. Verde Alpi marble) or even the very rare dark blue marble of which Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite Blue (both extracted in South America) are among the proudest representatives.

Dark marble for interior design

When it comes to furniture, dark marble is more difficult to match and apply than light marble. In fact, if light marble is able to reflect light and make the rooms in which it is installed more spacious, dark marble does not have this prerogative and, on the contrary, the opposite effect is obtained. The combinations with dark marble stone must be done with caution and better if recommended by experts in the field. Beyond this aspect, dark marble also offers a vast number of possibilities in interior design.marmo scuro arredamentoLet’s start with the coverings: a dark gray marble tile floor can certainly enhance an environment with a minimal and modern character. For the reasons mentioned above, it is better if it is a large room so that the dark marble floor does not reduce the perception of space too much.

Dark marble is also used in bathroom furnishings to create a classy and refined dark marble bathroom. In addition to black marble, it is possible to admire splendid bathrooms in dark Emperador marble. In these cases, dark Emperador marble is used for the creation of sink tops, shower trays, vertical coverings or even, sometimes, for the creation of a luxurious dark marble bathtub.

Dark marble, as well as for covering large surfaces, is used for the creation of design objects. The latter represents a winning solution if you want to embellish a specific room, even if it is limited in size. A dark marble coffee table is a magnificent design object for the living room as well as dark marble countertops are perfect for the kitchen due to high resistance and durability. Similarly, a dark marble dispenser or soap dish are incredibly elegant design objects in a dark marble bathroom.

Finally, the last thing to add is that dark marble is almost always combined with light colored elements (even light marbles). This combination manages to create a dynamism and a unique balance, able to successfully emphasize the deep color of dark marble stone.

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