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PlayStone is the trademark of the Luxury Games line by Dedalo aimed to design and manufacture game table for high-end and luxury entertainment with genuine enthusiasm and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

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Our luxury game tables in marble properly symbolizes our ambition to explore, test, discover, and overcome the constraints of a substance that still has great applicative potential. Our unwavering commitment to quality and design have proven winning in conceiving artistic experience and sophisticated design as the base to be combined with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. After starting our careers in the design sector, we frequently faced clients looking for high-end gaming tables that were difficult to find in the market. To meet this need, Dedalo’s craftsmen have been applying their artistic expressions to a contemporary custom-built designs that provide both immeasurable style and function with the chance to customize tables to suit any architectural style and transform a game table into a world-class piece of décor.

Marble Ping pong, foosball, poker tables and many more games are presented in their most opulent form, with great attention to every detail and a keen eye on home entertainment functionality. Professional poker tables for luxury game rooms have thus become essential components of an international and rapidly expanding market that has long been fascinated by the opulence and elegance of private gaming rooms, tailored by Dedalo Stone for residential buyers, corporate clients, and luxury hotels.

Marble game tables: from luxury chess game to marble game tables

We pay homage to all designs and functions with one goal in mind—perfection—whether it is the creation of professional game tables or tailored-made projects for private residences and living rooms in marble. Dedalo is synonymous with quality and skilful craftsmanship and our marble luxury game tables are pieces of craftsmanship that express the Italian genius of our expert designers like nothing else. From luxury chess game to backgammon sets, the industry of luxury games has increasingly expanded to the extent that marble game tables have become an exclusive trend that make a statement for the ultimate centrepiece for your game room.

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The creation of our product, made with the finest Italian marble in the world, is a representation of a lifestyle and an instantly recognizable identity that pushes to reinvent the classics. Each table is a unique and custom-made piece of art to reflect your homes’ architecture and encapsulate your design. We can customize size, colours, materials, finishes and personalisation adding a logo or a team icon.

Before our tables can look beautiful, they must perform as perfect game tables instruments. In this regard, our patented Dedalo Stone technology is innovative and radical in today’s world of contemporary furniture. Our marble tables are highly engineered, with innovative patented technology that allows us to use lightweight marble and stone.

Dedalo fuses gaming, entertainment, and design in a way that has never been done before, bridging the gap between art and utility.

Marble games designed in Italy for hotels and private residences

Having a game room is the ultimate dream for many players out there. Whether you are into table top games or luxury board games, choosing the best modern design for your luxury game room is essential. This is what motivates luxury villas and residences to create private game rooms. Looking at the huge variety of games to play in a hotel, our table tennis, pool, foosball, and poker marble table could reinvent the unique emotions and luxury hotel-like experiences in the intimate comfort of your home.

As a perfect example of the Italian design and elegance, our extraordinary products mix culture and refinement for the finest material with a functional aesthetic. The watchwords here are balance and flawless harmony, as Made in Italy‘s deep-rooted classical craftsmanship meets and blends with significant aesthetic research and cutting-edge technology.

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