Luxury marble furniture

Sinks, Bathtubs, Showers, Pool Tables, Mirror Lights and Coverings.

The Dedalo marble furniture has a refined and modern style, but is also simultaneously comfortable and functional. Dedalo is synonymous with quality, skilled craftsmanship and the design of expert interior designers who fully express the Italian genius.

Our marble products are 100% made in Italy, both in the creative phase and in the production phase. This gives the finished product high standing and extreme quality. One of the most important characteristics of our marble products is construction technology, which through lightening the weight allows us to install our products on traditional less cumbersome supports.

This way we give every designer or private client the opportunity to install our products in a truly innovative and surprising way, without sacrificing the expressive richness of the marble and stone furnishings for weight or transport reasons.

Marble Bathrooms

Marble bathroom has always been a classic solution in the luxury sector but, lately, natural stone has been increasingly used even in more common situations (for instance in small coverings, shower trays or walls) establishing itself again as a trend in bathroom design and furnishing.

Marble Furniture for Bathroom

Our collection of marble bathroom furniture products includes sinks, tubs, shower trays and mirrors with lights. Customization allows you to create unique products and to choose any type of material on the market, with the possibility of using marble or coordinated natural stones, both for internal or external coatings and furnishings.


Marble Home Furnishings: Wall and Floor Tiles.

Furnishing your home with marble products is a choice that does not go unnoticed. Our interior design services embrace every aspect of a home’s design such as floors, wall coverings, stairs and room design, everything from scratch. Take a look at our services offered by our team of architects and interior designers to create bespoke luxury interiors.


Pool tables and marble jewels

The creativity of our designers has gone beyond the classic boundaries of bathroom furniture and has gone into the design of games such as pool. Thanks to various types of models with different designs, our pool tables are also suitable for furnishings. These products are also fully customizable.

We have also experimented with a collection of jewellery made with precious marble inlays combined with classic precious metals used by goldsmiths.

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