What is Bardiglio marble? Bardiglio is an Italian marble grey characterized by unmistakable elegance, excellent resistance and ease of processing: for these reasons Bardiglio marble is among the most renowned stone materials in the world. Considered the gray marble par excellence, Bardiglio is a fine-grained marble used to a large extent in construction since Roman times, especially for the construction of grey marble flooring and cladding.
The name Bardiglio derives from the Spanish “pardillo” which means, in fact, greyish and the area of ​​extraction of this stone are the historic quarries of the province of Carrara on the Apuan Alps but also Versilia (especially the municipalities of Seravezza and Stazzema). Depending on the quarry from which it is extracted and from the block, Bardiglio can present quite different shades based on its composition and the presence of impurities, minerals and microcrystals.

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Bardiglio gray is a marble with a highly compact structure and a dark gray color which has a considerable number of streaks of various shades from gray to white. Due to its saccharoidal structure, Bardiglio gray is a stone that lends itself very well to finishes such as polishing and smoothing.
Bardiglio is a marble characterized by many qualities including versatility and reliability which make it a perfect material for creating long-lasting claddings. In fact, Bardiglio grey marble is often used in construction and architecture both in indoor and outdoor applications (given its high resistance to atmospheric agents as well as to heat and cold) for floors, walls, stairs, columns and window sills.
Due to its unquestionable elegance, Bardiglio is often chosen by interior designers not only for the creation of fine coatings but also for furnishing accessories such as a gray Bardiglio marble kitchen top or a grey Bardiglio bathroom top: being resistant also humidity, Bardiglio is also suitable for installations inside the bathroom.
As anticipated, there are several varieties of Bardiglio marble which share the same physical and structural characteristics but differ in the chromatic aspect: from lighter shades such as Bardiglio Trambisera up to darker shades of Imperial marble Bardiglio passing from gray with spots white of the Bardiglio Nuvolato marble tiles.
Finally, we also point out the so-called Bardiglio Cappella, a variety of Bardiglio marble extracted precisely on Monte Cappella between the towns of Seravezza and Riomagno and characterized by a cerulean and dark color but streaked with very white veins.

Material: Marble
Color: Grey
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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