Our custom made Interior Design Projects

Photo gallery of our selected projects in private residences, hotels, houses and luxurious villas from all over the world.

This is a selection of our interior design projects that we have carried out since we started our business in the Carrara laboratories. They are unique and varied projects. The skills of our Team of Interior Designers and Architects allow us to carry out projects that perfectly meet the clients’ desires. Our flexibility and design ability gives us the opportunity to create completely different interiors, based on requests. In our portfolio we can find projects with a minimal, classic, neoclassical or contemporary style. There are more traditional projects in which more basic materials have been used, such as a classic and delicate travertine used in the cladding of an entire home with matching furnishings, and much more striking projects, in which the combination of visually prominent and complex marbles become the subject of the residence. All these projects have been carried out in Italy and abroad but the work and products have been done in our laboratories in Carrara. In addition to the finished projects, you can also see how our products are born and how our craftsmen work. We deal with interior design, production of floors and walls, realization of home and bathroom furnishings, statues, made to measure swimming pools, floors with marble inlays, onyx coatings, backlit walls, marble fireplaces, mirror frames and the coating of religious places such as the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

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