Pietra Medea Stone

pietra medea stone

Pietra Medea is a grey-brown stone material used for the construction of indoor and outdoor floors and wall claddings.
Also known by the names of Grigio Fossena or Grigio Tao or Eastern Grey marble, Pietra Medea marble is quarried in Tunisia: Pietra Medea stone quarries are located in the south-east of Tunisia, near the border with Algeria.

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It is a naturally available limestone stone whose tone and texture can vary significantly depending on the block: for this reason, it is suggested to carefully select Pietra Medea in situations where a certain continuity within the project is required.

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The dark gray background tending to brown is then distinguished by the presence of white vertical veins and darker shades tending to rust. The presence of these clear saline elements and darker patches are a peculiarity of Pietra Medea.
Pietra Medea is often used for grey marble wall cladding and flooring. Even if it is installed both indoors and outdoors and adapts very well to different styles thanks to its neutral tones, Pietra Medea is especially suitable for creating large outdoor floors. For this reason, the most used finishes on Pietra Medea marble are the typical outdoor processes that help give the stone a non-slip quality, namely sandblasting, bush-hammering and flaming.
Finally, due to its non-crystalline nature, Pietra Medea cannot be polished.

Material: Marble
Color: Grey
Origin: Tunisia
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Bush Hammered, Honed, Flamed

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