Black Labrador Marble

black labrador marble granite

Black labrador marble is a type of granite quarried near Bergan, east of Larvik, Norway. Internationally, this stone can be classified as granite. However, it would be more correct to refer to black labrador marble as a monzonite: it is, in particular, a coarse-grained dark monzonite with small feldspar crystals. The black labrador marble is therefore a type of granite with a black background and studded with gray, dark blue or emerald crystals. A small sample is usually representative of the entire slab as it does not have a big variation in color and veins.

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Extremely resistant material, black labrador marble is very suitable for indoor applications such as kitchen tops, fireplaces, bathrooms and bar counters. In these contexts, black labrador marble certainly looks better with a glossy surface. The black labrador marble is also suitable for outdoor use (it is very resistant to frost) and is of great chromatic value if flamed or brushed. Finally, if you choose for polishing in case of outdoor use, you will notice that the black labrador marble acquires an incredibly elegant and unique copper tone with time.

Material: Granite
Color: Black
Origin: Norway
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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