Guatemala Green Marble

guatemala green marble

Despite its name which would seem to place it in Central America making us imagine quarries immersed in the tropical forest, Guatemala Green marble is actually extracted only for a small part in Guatemala: other extraction sites are located in Brazil but most of the stones called that way that we find on the market today are actually extracted from marble quarries located in India.

Guatemala Verde marble is often used in interior cladding; in particular for stairs, shower walls and for the production of Verde Guatemala marble kitchen and bathroom tops.

Guatemala marble is an emerald green or more often dark green marble, characterized by the strong presence of the serpentine mineral group, that is, a metamorphic rock in which most of the mineral components have been transformed into a compound of phyllosilicates, produced by the transformation of pyroxene by the serpentinization of peridotite.

guatemala marble slabs for sale

Guatemala green marble is a rock with a more or less homogeneous colored background, crossed by dense veins of a darker shade. Naturally, verde Guatemala marble price and color varies according to the extraction quarry and sometimes has lighter veins, tending towards white, which contrast the power of the green. The presence of mineral crystals makes verde Guatemala marble a shiny marble.

Material: Marble
Color: Green
Origin: Guatemala, Brazil
Uses: Claddings, Floors, Bathroom, Kitchen
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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