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We design and manufacture custom interiors in marble for homes, residences, hotels and retail stores all over the world.

Luxury Interior Design with Marble Furniture

Marble and stone are construction materials that will always be the protagonists in furnishings. Choosing this noble material means giving a touch of refinement and luxury to the environment. Dedalo Stone was born in Carrara and is a company specialized in bespoke interior design projects and in the creation of detailed personalized environments.

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Backlit marble walls

In luxurious design projects, light isn’t just for visual purposes it also has a symbolic value too that creates a magical atmosphere. If well used and positioned, light can revive stone, enhancing the nuances of colour and the unique streaks in onyx and precious marble. A backlit marble wall of a bathroom, living room or bedrooms amazes and will leave any guests speechless.


Backlit marble walls and floors for a unique atmosphere that highlights the veins of marble and onyx.


Marble floors with colored inlays, with the possibility of creating any customized shape or design.


Marble stairs, also with integrated lighting system, coordinated handrail and glass parapet.

Marble, Glass and Crystal in interior design

Our interior designers are not limited to the creation of marble environments but often combine stone with other noble materials such as wood, glass and crystal. In a modern tailor made environment, the excessive use of marble, stone and granite can be monotonous. Often in an interior design project marble finds its expressiveness thanks to the union of different raw materials, combined in contrast, which break the visual continuity of the surfaces, creating an interesting dialogue between the two materials.


Parquet and walls in precious wood with marble inserts.

The idea of heaviness is often associated with marble. If we think about the furnishings, until recently, specifically created supports were needed to support an important marble sink. Today this is no longer a limitation. With the new technology and studies of this raw material, some innovative techniques have been developed for the processing and lightening of marble and stone. Through our patented technology it has become much easier to create monolithic design objects such as bathtubs, sinks and smaller products such as bathroom accessories. Our home furnishing products can even weigh 65% less than a traditional product, allowing an installation on traditional supports and facilitating their transport and assembly.


Wall tiles, slabs and furniture products in lightened marble.

Bespoke, tailor-made interior design. How our team of Interior Designers and Architects work with luxurious projects

In an interior design project, various professionals who take care of differing services come into play.

Our team adopts a consolidated working method that puts the customer, the technical office, production and installers in close contact. Ours is a complete service, where you can let your imagination wander.

The customer is at the centre of our project and can choose the marble to be used directly from the quarry. The design side is entrusted to our architects, interior designers and our expert craftsmen who have been working with marble for many generations. They all deal with the production in our Carrara laboratories.

We can take care of the entire project made possible by our strength in communication. We are easily able to convey the clients’ desires to the various professionals involved in the work which allows them to easily insert themselves into an already existing project, developed by architects selected by the client. Our bespoke tailoring projects span various sectors of luxurious interior design.

We can carry out entire interior projects or even customized products such as marble tops and kitchen islands, carved fountains, indoor and outdoor stairs, living areas, bathroom furnishings, inlaid floors, swimming pools, etc. The sections about our varying projects will help you get a better understanding of the infinite possibilities in the marble design sector.

Our latest custom Interior Design projects

Villa Aquamaris in Bora Bora
Villa Aquamaris in Bora Bora
Coatings, floor sinks and customized bathtubs for a private residence – Sorrento, Italy
Coatings, floor sinks and customized bathtubs for a private residence – Sorrento, Italy
Backlit Onyx Kitchen
Backlit Onyx Kitchen
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