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Carrara based Lightweight Marble Design for luxury Bathrooms and Homes.

Marble Vessel Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Bases and Mirrors Handcrafted in Italy


Collection of modern marble sinks for luxury bathrooms. Countertop, wall and floor sinks.

Dedalo is synonymous with quality, skilful craftsmanship and expert designers who, inside the Carrara laboratories, fully express their Italian genius. We want to revive the use of marble in everyday life without having to renounce, for weight reasons, its three-dimensional vocation. We propose interesting and innovative handcrafted sculptural forms.

All of our products are made entirely from marble, not composite, always starting from a single block, and never presenting glued pieces, plastered cracks or any other sign typical of composite or assembled stone products: this gives a noble element to the craftsmanship and elevates it to the top line of stonework.


Our collection of monolithic bathtubs in lightened marble. The design of the tub is customizable in shape and material.


Elegant Billiard Tables in lightened marble. Luxury billiards for furniture, customizable in materials, dimensions and game configuration.

of the marble's weight

Furniture in lightweight Marble, for faster shipments, suitable for the nautical and aeronautical sector.

Thanks to our patented technology, the weight of many of our marble furnishings is reduced by up to 65%, which has an important impact on the economic and practical side. The transport and assembly of our products are subsidized thus reducing costs.

You can use a classic support structure that is lightweight and small-scaled unlike the bases usually used to hold up a marble sink. One of our bathroom sinks can easily be placed on a standard piece of furniture suitable for ceramic sinks or even cantilevered or even be placed on a glass top.

It may seem unbelievable, but this marble sink, if immersed in water, floats.


A team of architects and interior designers to design luxury homes, residences, hotels and retail.

Custom Luxury Interior Design in Marble and Natural Stone for Private Homes, Hotels and Retail Shops.

We design and produce custom made luxury interiors using the finest marble and natural stones from Carrara and all over the world. We don’t just provide the materials; we also have architects and interior designers who can develop the entire project, from idea to installation. Take a look at the Interior Design section, where you can see how we design tailor made projects. Check out the Projects gallery to see a selection of our work from around the world: custom living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens in marble and natural stone.

Latest Marble and Stone Custom Projects

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