Backlit Onyx and Marble with LED

backlit onyx and marble

An innovative technology in the field of contemporary architecture is represented by the use of backlit marble. The light is positioned in panels mounted behind thin marble or onyx slabs and, thanks to the translucent properties of these materials, a suggestive atmosphere is thus created which enhance the beauty of these millennial precious natural stones.

Thanks to the collaboration with the best companies of the custom lighting sector, both in the construction and naval fields, we are able to apply any type of backlight. In particular, we mainly use backlit marble panels with LED technology as a light source, thanks to which we can create various types of installations including backlit stone floors and backlit stone wall coverings without any shaded area, LED strip lighting frames in line with the coverings, light spots inserted directly into the slabs and other infinite lighting solutions.

Thanks to the experiences gained so far, we are able to connect our LED backlit stone wall systems with any home automation system and, above all, to provide assistance in any part of the world.

backlit marble sink

Backlit Onyx

onyx lighting

Backlit onyx is the most used solution for stone backlighting. Thanks to its particular translucent feature, this type of stone originating mainly from Egypt, India, Mexico, Iran, Turkey and Brazil, generates a particularly expressive effect of light, shadow and color with a strong aesthetic impact.
When onyx is illuminated by a source placed behind the slab, due to its translucent properties, it takes on a decidedly more interesting aspect: its typical bands and veins, characteristic of these precious materials, are strongly highlighted. All these features are particularly appreciated in interior design for the realization of walls, lamps and chandeliers, a backlit onyx countertop for kitchen or bathroom, bar counters, sinks and so forth.
The colors of the stone are enhanced, generating a magical atmosphere in the context in which they are inserted.
Since there are onyxes with both uniform and particularly heterogeneous colors, with shades ranging from white, gray and black, to yellow, red, brown, green, the possibilities of the applications of backlit onyx are unlimited.

Backlit Onyx Countertop

One of the most impactful solutions if you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, especially in the living area or in the kitchen, is certainly the creation of a backlit onyx countertop. The final effect it is undoubtedly magical but, actually, there are no tricks: Dedalo Stone personnel is highly qualified and perfectly knows how to backlit onyx properly in order to obtain the desired results. Among the most successful creations we cannot fail to mention the backlit onyx bar countertop or the backlit onyx dining table.
The soft light created by the backlit onyx is incredibly relaxing and soothing: seeing is believing!

Backlit Onyx Wall

Another possible solutions is the backlit onyx wall, particularly suitable in modern contexts. This is the reason why it fits well in luxury hotels, for example in the hall (maybe behind the reception desk). A backlit onyx wall can be also applied in other situations: being a strong impact combination, it is perfect for drawing attention to a particular wall or to a piece of furniture such as a bathtub, placed in front of the illuminated wall.

Where are backlit marble and onyx walls used?

Backlit marble walls

Marble and onyx slabs applied to panels for backlighting are a piece of furniture much appreciated by architects and interior designers. Backlit marble and onyx walls and tops represent a choice of great impact in the panorama of luxury design.

Backlit marble panels and backlit onyx panels are used for decoration purposes in:

  • Backlit counters for bars and clubs
  • Countertops for kitchens
  • Bathroom walls or showers
  • Backlit tables
  • Furniture doors
  • Chandeliers

backlit onyx countertop kitchen

LED backlit walls: how they work

Today, when talking about the construction technologies for backlit marble and backlit onyx walls, LED lights represent the best choice in almost all cases, replacing the old neon lamps. LED lighting offers a more homogeneous light and reduced consumption. Furthermore, a led strip have a much smaller size which facilitates the installation of the wall light panels, thus occupying a much more limited space.

The maintenance of a backlit marble wall is strictly connected to the light used: the LED illuminated walls have an average life span of 30,000 to 50,000 hours, with practically non-existent maintenance. The energy class fluctuates from A+ to triple A and the assembly takes place for the most part with an aluminum profile, also used to uniformly dissipate the light.
For this purpose, to backlight the stone slab in a perfectly homogeneous way, we use a diffusion technique that allows to obtain an excellent appearance and avoids the annoying effect where some areas of the backlit stone slab are more or less illuminated than others.

backlit stone

Another interesting and pleasant aspect of the wall-mounted illuminated panels is the change in hue and color of the light which livens up and changes the appearance of the room or area in which it is applied.

If the installation of backlit marble is not carried out by expert professionals, some problems may arise such as shadows or halos projected by the anchoring systems, inconsistent lighting or little transparency due to the choice of an unsuitable material.

Thanks to our technologies and decades of experience in the field, we are able to advise the Customer in the best possible way, creating impeccable-looking backlit marble and backlit onyx walls and objects, compatibly with the heterogeneous characteristics of natural stones.

In some cases we use special glass slabs coupled with marble, optimizing the luminous and aesthetic performance.

Backlit Marble and Glass Slabs

backlit onyx wall and marble

Gluing stone material with glass, in addition to the benefits that this operation can provide in some cases to the backlighting, also offers many aesthetic and structural advantages. The glass is glued to the thin marble slab by means of a PVB film, then inserted in vacuum bags and subsequently in hyperbaric chambers with a pressure of about 17 bar.

The glass structure makes the top more solid and can therefore reach lower thicknesses, increasing its light penetration. A marble slab characterized by only 3 or 5 millimeter thickness has superior translucent properties that allow a better lighting performance.

The finished backlit marble slab has a minimum thickness of about 8 mm: 3 mm for the ultra-thin marble and 5 mm for the glass. For safety reasons, large panels are thicker, up to 25 mm. In the case of installations intended for public places, we implement some solutions in order to make the place safer, such as the use of tempered or laminated glass.

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