Marble Bathrooms: Realization and Customization

Realization of custom-made marble, onyx and stone bathrooms

Marble bathroom has always been a classic solution in the luxury sector but, lately, natural stone has been increasingly used even in more common situations (for instance in small coverings, shower trays or walls) establishing itself again as a trend in bathroom design and furnishing.

Marble turns out to be a material with timeless beauty, its colors and tactile sensations make it the object of desire of many families and people who let themselves be tempted by its veins and drawings that are never the same. Many colors and veins unravel giving life to real works of art, each one different and with its own unique peculiarities. If in the past marble was considered a difficult material to work with, thanks to modern technologies it has become an element that can also be used for detailed finishing. Today it is used not only for coverings but also for furnishings, sometimes combined with other types of materials such as glass or metals. Choosing furnishing accessories such as washbasins, sinks, marble floors and furniture allows to give more elegance to the bathroom. Marble in bathroom is adaptable to small marble bathrooms, for example for the realization of lighter workings such as back-lit mirror frames, and even perfect for large rooms: just think of an imposing bathtub.

Modern Marble Bathroom

Which Bathroom Marble to Choose?

Marble coverings for Bathrooms

As already mentioned, using marble in bathroom furnishings is a stylistic choice that allows to create an innumerable number of combinations: the most classic ones are surely white and black marble for an accentuated contrast and white and gray marble bathroom for a more balanced contrast.

The white floor and the black bathroom fixtures are a consolidated choice which will be dealt with in detail later on, but the possible combinations are manifold, for example using marble to cover the cabinet doors or the walls.

Dedalo uses a special lightweight marble, an innovative technique which allows to use this material to build or cover bathtubs and walls (also back-lit walls).

In addition to marble bathrooms, it is possible to opt for onyxes and other materials such as granite, lava stone, and other rocks and natural stones.

Washbasins and bath tub in marble
Carrara white marble Basin and Bathtub

White Marble Bathroom

White Carrara Marble Bathroom

First of all, let’s focus on one of the most used and appreciated marbles by those who decide to create their own marble bathroom. The sinuous and always different veins clearly distinguish it.

The shininess and brilliance of a white marble bathroom is unmatched, making white marble one of the finest materials for interior design in general and for marble bathrooms, in particular.

White Carrara Marble Bathroom

Carrara marble is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps. Of calcareous origin, it is possible to find it in various different colors: Statuario, white with gray veins, sometimes tending to yellow according to the variety; Calacatta, ivory with gray veins, sometimes tending to yellow according to the type; Bardiglio, dark with a gray background which in some cases recalls shades of blue.

White Carrara Marble Shower Pan

There are many varieties of marble extracted in the Carrera quarries, each with different colors, veins and peculiarities. Dedalo will surely find the best choice for a perfect white Carrara marble bathroom. Soon we will delve into the theme in our blog.

Marble Shower Tray for Bathroom

A white marble bathroom is embellished with a particular marble bathroom tray and appears brighter and more elegant. Due to its elegance, it is used for wall covering (with this solution even the smallest rooms will appear spacious), for flooring (in order to give a touch of modernity) or for the sanitary fixtures which will stand out for their majesty.

Black Marble Bathroom

The black marble bathroom has an innate elegant style, especially if you decide to combine it with golden taps and fittings. In the 60s, this solution was widely used and in recent years it is back in vogue and appreciated again for its undisputed beauty.

Black Marble Bathrooms and Bathtubs

If you are seduced by the appearance of a marble bathroom, Dedalo will know how to satisfy your desire for a unique and refined style. A unique effect will be guaranteed either if you decide to use black marble for the bathroom fixtures or if you opt for the use it for flooring or for wall covering.

The elegance of black marble will be completed by the inlays which characterize it and which create a particular perspective game able to give the black marble bathroom an elaborate look and studied in detail.

Bathroom Marble Floor and Coverings

Bathroom Marble Floor and Coverings

Up to now we have talked about the various furnishing accessories, lingering on the various furnishing possibilities making use of different types of marble. But just as important are the wall coverings.

In this regard, we satisfy every type of Customer, whether he/she wants to be tempted by the classic tiles, or if he/she are wishful for trying an alternative solution with inlays, colors or original and unique materials.

A marble covering gracefully wraps the space by recalling atmospheres of past times when rooms were always built in the sign of elegance and refinement.

Our designers, in addition to the classic flat coverings, have developed a selection of tiles and slabs with three-dimensional textures that manage to give depth and dynamism especially to those spaces that are likely to end up remaining rather flat and monotonous.

The most followed trend remains that of using marble for covering the shower or for covering the walls that surround the bathtub. The walls in light marble such as white Carrara, Crema Luna and Travertino give greater depth to the spaces by making them more spacious, included those that are quite small in size.

The marble bathroom coverings as well as the marble bathroom floor guarantee an elegant and refined effect that adapts to any type of furniture.

Bathroom with floor and wall covering in marble
Classic Bathroom in marble

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