Blue Lapis marble

blue lapis marble

Blue Lapis marble is a very refined blue marble used in luxury contexts and also known by the name Lapis Lazuli marble. Its name derives from two words: “lapis” a Latin term meaning stone and “lazward”, an Arab word meaning blue.
The dark background of Lapis blue marble recalls the midnight starry sky. The dark surface of blue Lapis marble is then crossed by a network of indigo and light blue and blueberry veins, as well as bright white patches that further embellish this stone material.

lapis blue marble slabs for sale
Lapis blue marble is a blue marble of high value and is therefore selected by architects and interior designers all over the world for luxury furnishings. Lapis blue marble is not a stone suitable for every context and, for this reason, it must be inserted wisely. Having said that, blue Lapis marble is incredibly effective for embellishing rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom or for enhancing certain areas of the house thanks to the creation of elements in blue Lapis marble such as a table or a fireplace.

Material: Marble
Color: Blue
Origin: various
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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