Black Calacatta Marble

black calacatta marble

With black Calacatta marble we refer to a black marble with white and straight streaks originating from North Africa. The name “black Calacatta marble” appears to be invented: therefore, it has nothing to do with the Calacatta marble extracted in the Apuan area. Black Calacatta marble is often found in large blocks and its production is rather limited.

black calacatta marble slabs for sale

The elegant and captivating effect of black Calacatta marble is generated by a special color combination: the matt black background with sporadic brown halos is interrupted by a net of clear white veins. The beauty of Calacatta black marble slab is accentuated by the glossy finish and highlighted even more by an open spot installation.

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The black Calacatta marble is perfect for enriching exclusive and sophisticated interior spaces, especially through vertical claddings.

One last clarification: sometimes, it is possible that with the term “black Calacatta marble” some stone companies refer to a marble of Italian origin but characterized by a predominantly white background and an important presence of gray and anthracite veins.

Material: Marble
Color: Black
Origin: -
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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