Eramosa brown

eramosa brown marble

Eramosa is the name of a dark brown natural stone with a luxurious and solemn appearance. The country of origin of Eramosa brown marble is Canada and the Eramosa brown quarries are located more precisely in Ontario. One of the most incredible features of Eramosa brown marble is undoubtedly the almost abysmal difference from an aesthetic point of view between the vein cut Eramosa brown marble and the cross-cut Eramosa brown marble.

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If vein cut, Eramosa brown has a varied-looking surface and presents, on its hazelnut background, a succession of abstract designs, shapes and silhouettes created by its veins of both dark and light shades. This version of Eramosa brown marble, where each surface is unique and unrepeatable, is clearly the one that best suits more particular and whimsical applications. On the contrary, if Eramosa brown is cross cut, a dark brown slab is created, characterized by many parallel and longitudinal veins of lighter shades. In the latter case, Eramosa brown marble resembles wood in many ways, with its characteristic veins or concentric rings: the final result, despite being a stone, is still a profound sense of warmth.

Material: Marble
Color: Brown
Origin: Canada
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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