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Ceppo di Gré is a natural stone extracted on the north-western shores of Lake Iseo and very present in Lombard architecture. It is a stone with great charm due to its intense grey color and heterogeneous appearance due to the massive presence of pebbles joined by calcareous concretions.
Ceppo di Gré is currently extracted in a single quarry on Monte Clemo in the province of Bergamo and since 1993 it has been cultivated underground in tunnels.

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From a geological point of view, Ceppo di Gré stone is a monogenic dolomitic breach: dolomitic clasts collapsed from Monte Clemo after which they underwent limestone concreting and compression by the ice. The result is a stone that is very resistant to both frost and acids and which tends to consolidate over time. Its variegated appearance and its irregular and never the same pattern constitute the beauty and uniqueness of Ceppo di Gré making it a valuable product appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Finally, its marked natural porosity can be left intact (for example for wall coverings) or treated by means of cement grouting (for example for the creation of floors).

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Due to its good mechanical resistance, Ceppo di Gré is particularly suitable for the construction of both indoor and outdoor grey marble flooring. In outdoor contexts, in fact, Ceppo di Gré boasts an anti-slip quality even in the presence of humidity as well as excellent resistance to abrasion and foot traffic.
In interior design, Ceppo di Gré is particularly appreciated for the creation of elements such as kitchen and bathroom grey marble countertops, tables, fireplaces and other furnishing accessories, sometimes combined with other materials such as metal or wood.
Ceppo di Gré is a stone material that lends itself to various finishes including sanding, brushing, sandblasting, bush-hammering as well as the most modern techniques that involve the use of high-pressure waterjet or laser.

Material: Stone
Color: Grey
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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