Luxury and Modern poker table in marble

Our modern poker table is a reinterpretation of the traditional professional poker table in an elegant and sophisticated way. The essential characteristics of the product design are elegance, strong personality, and authenticity.

luxury poker table and chairs

The table sides are fitted with chips racks and stainless-steel cup holders, while for the base the clients who choose to buy this unique product will not be disappointed as we are able to create the poker table .

modern poker table
Our poker table in marble combines impeccable contemporary design and traditional fabrication techniques with the finest natural store, sourced by our buyers from Carrara’s quarries. Durable, beautiful, luxurious, the solid structure and the craftsmanship make this table a splendid piece of furniture. The details can be made with a wide choice of all stone materials in the world, as well as the reproductions of four shells carrying chips at the corners, an element that makes this work unique and original. All of the elements work together to create a table that is the ideal setting for great memories.

Luxury custom poker tables

luxury poker e table
Our luxury poker table is a unique and inimitable product either for those who love enjoying private entertainment in the complete privacy of their home or luxury hotel. The modern design incorporates hand carved detailing, beautiful accents, and sabots at the bottom of each leg, providing outstanding playability and uncompromising flair. Besides the original style and the captivating aesthetic, we are able to offer each client the option to enjoy an exclusive custom table. We offer residential buyers and corporate clients with contemporary custom-built designs with the chance to choose stone materials from all over the world, such as marbles, onyxes, travertines, granites and limestone. For the optimal combination of comfort and style, a great deal of attention to detail and craftsmanship goes into each of our custom tables. Each custom poker table, in fact, is handcrafted one at a time with dedicated attention to details. Aside from the ability to select from a wide range of colours and available choices, we could provide custom matching poker chairs to enhance a tailor-made interior design for luxurious homes, residences, hotels and retail.

Elegant poker table designed in Carrara, Italy

The entire structure of our elegant poker table consists of a frame made of Carrara marble that supports the playing surface aimed to create a table who maintains the conventional rules but with an innovative touch of great modernity. For ages, the finest marble and natural stones from Carrara have been one of the most sought-after materials in art and architecture. For the development of the marble poker table, we selected well-known businesses in the industry to design a luxury high-end product, which is long-lasting, beautiful, and has a subtle colour palette that nature has masterfully polished.
Carrara marble‘s magnificent atmosphere imbues your house or business environment with a traditional ambiance that will last the test of time. Our game table is more than a simple marble table: it is a luxurious object that embellishes the whole house. Because luxury furniture is also, and above all, a design that becomes art.

  • Marmo Bianco Carrara
    Bianco Carrara
  • Marmo Dedalo Grigio Bardiglio Nuvolato
    Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • Marmo Bianco Calacatta Caldia ®
    Calacatta Caldia ®
  • Marmo Beige Crema Luna
    Crema Luna
  • Marmo giallo Onice Arcoiris
    Onice Arcoiris
  • Marmo Rosso Collemandina
    Rosso Collemandina

And every other material upon customer request.

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