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If it is true that in recent years marble, due to its undisputed technical and aesthetic qualities, has made a comeback in furnishing, it is also true that luxury marble flooring is an element that never goes out of fashion, so much so that it is highly appreciated from the ancient era to the contemporary.

marble flooring

The reasons that make marble flooring timeless are durability and impact resistance on the one hand, but also the ability to show different qualities, colors and shades depending on the furniture and materials around it. The same marble flooring can be successful both in a rustic context and in a hypermodern context, simply playing with the elements with which it is combined. This is why luxury marble flooring is something eternal as well as continuously renewable in many different ways.
If an existing marble flooring is so versatile and can be combined with different furnishings, when it comes to creating new custom marble floors, the choice is immense to say the least. It is not at all easy to extricate yourself from this immense choice and Dedalo staff is aware of this difficulty. This is the reason why Dedalo Stone offers a personalized service by guiding the Customer closely in the best choice of material (the block is sometimes selected together in the quarry), color, laying, processing and finishes based on tastes and on the context where the marble flooring will be installed.

Marble flooring: colors and types

As we have often seen, there are numerous varieties for luxury marble flooring and many colors available, from white marble flooring without impurities to absolute black marble floor.
The factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the right stone for marble flooring are essentially the volume of the room, the colors present and the type of furniture or the mood that you want to create.
Carrara marble is undoubtedly the most popular floor marble but it is not unusual to opt for colored marbles as well. The most common indication is to opt for white marble flooring, if you want to give more volume and shine to the room. Veined marbles are also very popular as they can be used to create light-dark contrasts with the elements of the furniture. If the luxury marble floor is instead in a large room, you can also opt for darker colors such as Nero Marquinia or Nero Portoro for an astonishing black marble floor.

paviemento intarsiato in marmo bianco

Indoor marble flooring

Generally, the choice of the stone for indoor marble flooring is not limited by any particular factor: in fact, even more delicate marble floor tiles can be used in interior luxury marble flooring, as they are not subject to wear and tear from atmospheric agents.

Custom marble floors for interiors, extremely pleasant to the touch and sight and with a strong artistic power, represent a milestone in the history of interior design. Indoor luxury marble flooring can be used in any environment: luxury homes with marble floors have this element in the dining room or in the living area and why not in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

pavimenti in marmo bianco Carrara

Outdoor marble flooring

Conversely, choosing marble floor tiles for exteriors is a slightly more delicate matter since, if porous and fragile stones are chosen, they should be protected with surface treatments aimed at closing the pore, and thus making the surface of the marble flooring more uniform.
Travertine undoubtedly stands out among the outdoor marbles: the reason why travertine is very often chosen as outdoor marble is that it is particularly resistant to bad weather and mold (it is no coincidence that we find it many times by the pool or in humid environments). If used for external luxury marble flooring, travertine should not be polished but left porous in order to take advantage of its anti-slip characteristics.

Custom marble floors: our works

costum marble flooringThe choice available for the creation of custom marble floors is extremely wide. Dedalo, thanks to the long experience in the field, is able to perfectly match the marble flooring to the design of the house, personalizing the project to the maximum, from every point of view: the variety of marble and its finish, the best size for the marble floor tiles, any designs or inlays to be made on the luxury marble flooring and so on. Below is a partial list of our modern marble floor design ideas and works:

  • Marble bathroom floor
  • White marble flooring
  • Carrara Italian marble flooring
  • Black marble floor
  • Marble shower floor

It is essential to remember the importance of the marble finishes that can be applied to the luxury marble floor. Each finish is suitable for a particular purpose or to highlight certain characteristics of the surface: just think of the big difference between a polished marble or brushed marble or antiqued marble floor.

Marble flooring installation

The last essential aspect when deciding to opt for marble flooring is undoubtedly the floor installation: the same marble can acquire completely different facets depending on the marble floor tiles installation that has been selected.
An extremely refined and high-impact process that we can carry out for the creation of luxury marble flooring or cladding is certainly the “book-matching” installation. It involves laying the floor following the original veins of the marble, reproducing the surface continuity of the slab, placing them together as if they were an open book, obtaining a visual effect that leaves you speechless. For this marble flooring installation, instead of small marble floor tiles, large slabs are generally used.

Marble flooring price

As we have seen, marble has once again become a widely used material: in addition to the change of fashions, its return has also been facilitated by a reduction in costs made possible by new extraction and processing techniques. As for the marble flooring, price and delivery time depend on some main factors, namely extension of the surface, variety of marble, techniques, laying patterns and finishes. Broadly speaking, marble price varies from € 40.00 to € 90.00 per square meter to which the cost of transport and installation must also be added. Luxury marble flooring cost: as a final figure, it is necessary to consider the price of the marble finish which can lead to an increase of € 8,00-15.00 per square meter depending on the marble finish.

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