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How our team works on a custom interior design project.

The roles of our architects, designers, technical office, production and installers.

Our organizational scheme in which each professional contributes to creating a great value project
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    Discussion of the project
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    Selection of materials
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    Surveys in the yard
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    Technical drawings and executive
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    Materials Processing
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    Pre-lay verification in the factory
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    Packaging and Shipping
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    Installation with Qualified Personnel
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    End yard, cleaning and treatments

The Roles of Our Professionals


    The customer has the opportunity to interact and observe all stages of production of his own work.


    The technical department plays an extremely important role, is the common thread of all the activities, starting from the agreements with the client to taking all sizes and doing all the reliefs of the site, from drawings to site management during installation. It has the role of the “nervous system” able to connect all the parts in a harmonious way.


    The production is the heart of the system; in our company cohabit experience and technology, culture and passion of the marble, these only are the ingredients that permit realizing our works. It is through experience that we select the best materials, process them trying to enhance the features and make sure, with the pre- installation company, that everything is made in the proper way.


    The installation is the last phase but not the least important. It is a very delicate time and burden of responsibility and to make sure everything is handled in the best way our installers study and plan their activities within our company in order to be fully prepared for their arrival on site, anywhere in the world.

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