Imperial Brown Marble

imperial brown marble

Among the most famous brown marbles it is impossible not to mention the imperial brown marble, a noble breccia from the southern area of ​​Spain and used for luxury and highly prized projects. Among all the brown marbles, perhaps the imperial brown marble is one of those that has the most sought-after and appreciated aesthetic characteristics: the splendid surface of the imperial brown marble, in fact, is characterized by a basically dark brown background which is enriched and illuminated by cream-colored veins, golden reflections and sporadic bright white saline. A precious surface rich in crystals and minerals such as that of imperial brown marble can only marry perfectly to the glossy finish: a process capable of enhancing the structure and grain of imperial brown marble.

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In interior design, imperial brown marble is undoubtedly one of the most used brown marbles. The most common use is for floors and vertical walls in imperial brown marble: excellent solutions for spaces with a luxurious and high-quality mood. Another interesting solution are the imperial brown marble stairs: always recommendable in luxury settings because of their powerful and spectacular visual impact.

In particular prestigious projects, imperial brown marble tile can be selected for bathroom cladding. Imperial brown marble tile shower trays, bathtubs, sinks and sanitary ware can be created. Not least in terms of importance, decorative elements in imperial brown marble are often used to embellish luxurious homes, hotels and villas: arches, columns, tables, fountains, statues and other design objects are just a few examples.

Material: Marble
Color: Brown
Origin: Spain
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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