Black Absolute Marble

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Black absolute marble is a natural stone quarried in Zimbabwe, South Africa: this is the reason why this black marble is also known by the name of black Zimbabwe marble. Black absolute marble, like black African marble, is not a marble but a granite. Indeed, to be more precise, it is a gabbro, that is to say a rock of magmatic origin with lower percentages of silicates (while granites are acid rocks with percentages of silicates around 63%, gabbros are basic rocks with percentages around at 45-50%). The general characteristics of gabbros and in particular of black absolute marble are the compact and homogeneous grain as well as the incredible hardness (higher than that of granite). Black absolute marble is characterized by an extremely dark and uniform background color with dark gray dots: all peculiarities conferred by the elements that compose it, including pyrite and magnetite.

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The hardness and the intense and deep color of absolute black marble make it one of the most preferred options when it is necessary to highlight the luxury and elegance of certain environments. The fine and uniform grain of black absolute marble (or black Zimbabwe marble) lends itself perfectly to the creation of various types of claddings, capable of embellishing both indoor and outdoor environments.

First, black absolute marble is installed in sumptuous and elegant contexts such as hotel lobbies, luxury shop floors or opulent palace cladding. In addition to the black absolute marble floors, it is possible to see this stone inserted in the kitchen context for example as an elegant worktop or kitchen top in black absolute marble. The other winning space of this material is the bathroom: a sink or shower screen in black absolute marble can immediately project us into a relaxing and elegant environment, like in a SPA.

The finishes that are most suitable for black absolute marble and able to enhance its intense chromatic character are undoubtedly polishing and flaming (the latter particularly suitable for outdoor applications). However, in some contexts it is not uncommon to opt for a brushed black absolute marble surface.

Material: Granite
Color: Black
Origin: Africa
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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