Blue Sodalite slab

blue sodalite slab

Blue Sodalite slabs are stones of esteemed value and of extraordinary beauty. The deep dark blue color is undoubtedly the element that most distinguishes this splendid stone product. Due to its rarity and prestige, marble blue Sodalite slabs are used almost exclusively in luxury and extra-luxury projects.

blue sodalite slab for sale
The blue Sodalite slab quarries are mainly located in South America and, in particular, in Bolivia and Brazil where the highest quality material is found. The availability of blue Sodalite slabs is very scarce and the latter can be of medium or small size. The limited production therefore justifies the very high price of the blue Sodalite slab.

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Blue Sodalite slab is a granite composed of calcite, pyrite and lazulite but is considered by many to be a gem due to its deep and precious color. The elements that compose it, in fact, create a chromatic mix of inestimable beauty: the background is dark blue and cobalt blue and is enriched by light blue shades, veins of white or silver and occasional black intrusions.
Like any granite, Sodalite blue granite slabs are also characterized by great resistance and a compact grain. A highly prestigious material, blue sodalite slab is used almost exclusively in luxurious contexts such as villas and yachts for swimming pool cladding or flooring or for the construction of bathrooms or kitchens with blue sodalite slabs.

Material: Granite
Color: Blue
Origin: Bolivia and Brazil
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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