Sahara Noir Marble

sahara noir marble

Also known by different names including Black Aziza marble or Black Mirage marble, Sahara Noir marble is a Tunisian black marble with unique and elegant characteristics, so much so that it is increasingly used by very famous brands both in the design world and in the stone field. There are no real mountains from which this marble is extracted but there are hills: the Sahara Noir marble quarries, in fact, are located in the Zaghouan area in north-eastern Tunisia (Jebel Aziz), about 60 kilometers south of Tunis.

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The Sahara Noir marble slab is composed of fossilized oil which gives it the classic dark background. But the main feature that makes Sahara Noir marble a unique marble is undoubtedly its white and golden veins due in part to some of its internal components such as silicon and oxidized metal and in part to the recrystallization of calcites. Another peculiarity of these streaks is that, while on marble they generally appear as clouds or waving veins without a precise logic, in the case of Sahara Noir marble they appear as clear lines which sometimes intersect perpendicularly almost like in a painting by Piet Mondrian.

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In addition to the classic creation of walls and floors, Sahara Noir marble is highly appreciated as a material for the production of particular projects and design objects. One example among many is the Tulip Sahara Noir marble table: an element of extreme elegance and refinement capable of enhancing the entire environment with both a glossy finish and a matte finish.

The Sahara Noir marble, not being a very compact marble, needs a resin coating both to highlight its black color and to increase its resistance as well as consolidate its structure.

Material: Granite
Color: Black
Origin: Africa
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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