Saint Laurent Marble

saint laurent marble

Black Saint Laurent marble is a variety of coppery black marble quarried in France and perfect for the creation of design objects and interior claddings.

Saint Laurent marble is characterized by a crystalline black background with the presence of fossils. Delicate brown, white and golden veins with a nuanced appearance together with sporadic coral-colored notes make the black Saint Laurent marble a spectacular stone to the eye.

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The medium availability together with the unique chromatic characteristics, make Saint Laurent marble an extremely sought-after stone and used in contexts of high value: it is no coincidence that this black marble is also used for jewels and artistic objects of daily use.

With an elegant and refined character, Saint Laurent marble is used to embellish mainly indoor spaces with a more varied style since this stone is adaptable to both modern and classic contexts: floors, bathroom claddings or kitchen tops. In contrast to other black marbles, Saint Laurent marble and its aesthetic peculiarities are highlighted more with opaque and matte finishes.

Material: Marble
Color: Black
Origin: France
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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