Palissandro Bluette Marmo

palissandro bluette marmo

Palissandro bluette marble is a luxury stone product of Italian origin. This unique marble looks like a pastel blue stone with a cloudy structure. The rarity of this wonderful marble is due to the fact that Palissandro bluette marble is extracted in the only extraction basin in the world, namely that of the municipality of Crevoladossola in Val d’Ossola (Piedmont).

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Palissandro bluette marble is specifically a metamorphic rock made up largely of dolomite and, to a lesser extent, of a series of other minerals which, mixed together, give this marble an incredible brilliance, making it a perfect material for decorating sumptuous environments.
Among the most common uses of Palissandro bluette marble are floors and coverings in general as regards interior design, often with book-matched laying. Finally, due to its hardness and resistance, Palissandro bluette marble is also often used in outdoor contexts such as building facades or as a decorative element in urban decor.

Material: Marble
Color: Blue
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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