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Nero Marquina marble takes its name from the country in Spain (and more precisely in the Basque area) where it is mined. Nero Marquina black marble is one of the best known and most appreciated Spanish natural stones and is in fact used as black marble in projects all over the world. It is considered by many to be the black marble par excellence: among the reasons for its fortune there is undoubtedly a high production that makes it easily available in the world and at a relatively low price. The nero Marquina marble quarries produce blocks of two distinct qualities: the first quality of nero Marquina marble slab is characterized by an intense black, while the second has a lighter background that is more grayish.

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Technically, black Marquina marble is a calcite stone since calcite is 98% present. In addition to calcite, nero Marquina marble contains black minerals such as carbon or bitumen (generated by mud) which give it its characteristic deep black color. The nero Marquina marble is in fact categorized as bituminous lime. The dark and compact background of the nero Marquina black marble is then crossed by evident white veins (which can also be abundant) mainly diagonally and by small fossil residues of the same color. On the surface it is possible to notice slight cracks which are normal and represent a specification of this type of black marble.

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Nero Marquina marble is rather delicate and, for this reason, it is generally recommended to reinforce the underlying part with mesh and resin processes. Apart from this aspect, nero Marquina marble has good technical characteristics and is used for all kinds of applications. The most used finish to accentuate the natural brilliance of the material is undoubtedly the polishing.

The fine grain of the nero Marquinia marble, its brilliance and the chromatic contrast created by the black background with its white veins make it an incredibly appreciated marble whether used alone or combined with white marbles. The alternation between the veins of a radiant white and the dense black grain is visually fascinating and extremely elegant so as to make the black Marquina marble one of the favorite choices by interior designers, especially for the creation of nero marquina marble floor, wall cladding, stairs, fireplaces, with a preference for high-end residences and the luxury hotel sector.

Material: Marble
Color: Black
Origin: Spain
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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