Black Varenna Marble

black varenna marble

The black Varenna marble is a sedimentary rock extracted near the eastern shore of Lake Como, more precisely in Varenna, the place from which it takes its name. The black Varenna marble was used above all in the Renaissance period for the creation of small furnishing objects such as frames as well as of ornamental elements of churches and other religious-themed buildings in Lombardy: the Duomo of Milan is undoubtedly the most fitting.

To be precise, the black Varenna marble is not a marble, a metamorphic limestone rock, but a sedimentary rock originating from the deposition of different materials including sand, pebbles, mud and the remains of plants and animals. The black color characteristic of the black Varenna marble is attributable to these organic remains (especially phytoplankton) and bituminous substances which are deposited in the form of mud.

Given the durability characteristics of black Varenna marble, it is mainly used for outdoor applications, both for masonry and for flooring.

Material: Marble
Color: Black
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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