Custom Marble and Stone Kitchens

Italian Marble Kitchens made in Carrara

Having a custom stone and marble kitchen in your house is something truly superb. Thanks to this solution, the kitchen will acquire value and it will transmit this value to the entire property; moreover, this room will become the focal point of the whole living area.

custom marble and stone kitchens

These two materials, in fact, are able to give great character to the kitchen as well as to well align with the classic or, on the contrary, with the modern style. Everything lies in the skill of the designer. Dedalo Stone was born for this reason: to create and design personalized spaces and marble and stone kitchens are no exception. Using marble in kitchen make possible to give value to every element of a kitchen: for instance a marble kitchen sink or a marble kitchen table. Kitchens with exposed stone walls from the rustic but at the same time refined genre, kitchens with bright and luxurious marble, perhaps also combined with wood: there are endless solutions that Dedalo Stone can realize, very often exceeding the expectations of the Customer.

Built-in Marble Kitchens by Dedalo Stone

Maybe you don’t think of how functional and beautiful a built-in marble kitchen can be. First of all, a built-in model will last forever and is often the ideal solution for rooms with an irregular architectural structure such as attics, old country houses or period houses. Furthermore, among the new trends in interior design there is a real return to the solidity and warmth that a marble kitchen decor can convey. In fact, the stones can well fit into the most diverse contexts while maintaining their unmistakable allure and putting anyone in close connection with nature and authenticity. The same goes for built-in kitchens with marble used as a countertop: a great classic for the more traditional models but also a real luxury gem for contemporary and more futuristic proposals. Dedalo Stone strongly support the elegance in every project and suggests a return to the ancient times, to traditions in a completely personalized way. The Company is able to design and build built-in marble kitchens, hence extra functional, even with a marble which has been lightened. This solution is perfect for doors, furniture and does not preclude the choice and use of highly precious and rare beautiful materials such as onyx marbles, the most captivating wood essences and also other details, finishes, hinges, etc.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Built in marble kitchen sink

Marble kitchen countertops are the fulcrum of the entire kitchen furnishing and, thanks to the highly resistant characteristics of this material, are capable of making even the simplest kitchen detailed and unique.

Everything starts from the choice of an ad hoc material. Then, the choice of its veins as well as of its treatment and cutting are all aimed at making the top ideal for the kitchen where it must be installed.

The countertops for kitchens in stone or marble remain incomparable, luxurious but also marked out by a rustic and traditional allure able to capture attention and to give great character to any space.

In the same way as a marble kitchen table, a marble kitchen countertop also offers stability, high hygiene and endless resistance.

Of course, some types of marble tops are delicate and require specific care and attention; yet, they have an incredibly refined and unique appearance.

Marble Sinks for Kitchens

Both the marble kitchen sink and the stone kitchen sink are also a distinctive element in custom kitchens realized by Dedalo Stone.

The Company is specialized in these creations and respects the great aesthetic impact and preciousness of the individual materials. For example, a stone sink for built-in kitchens can make the difference in a country/rustic space or especially in renovations where maintaining the typical style of the home is essential.

In general, marble kitchen sinks can be roughly finished or, on the contrary, smooth and bright, highlighting the grain of the material and its hardness.

The possible shapes of the marble kitchen sink are infinite and Dedalo Stone will always be able to suggest the best solution by creating it to measure, also allowing the Customer to choose the type of marble directly in the quarry.

Marble Kitchen Island

Marble kitchen island

Among the most luxurious solutions in the living area are marble kitchen islands. In fact, this material manages to underline in an excellent way the conformation of the island itself and to emphasize its style.

The marble kitchen island is generally a work surface, also customizable, placed in a detached way from the main kitchen block and can also be a built-in model. In most cases, it consists of a simple marble kitchen slab which will act as a hygienic and refined work surface, as a support or as a table.

Even a sink or a stove can be inserted. The kitchens realized with a white marble island are also perfect in medium to large rooms and, regardless of the type of marble, they are the ideal solution for those who look for design dynamism and love to enjoy this space at 360 degrees.

The marble kitchen island is practical, customizable and gives character to the kitchen itself, making it more precious and peculiar.

Choose the Best Marble for Kitchen

We have seen that marble is a precious element for the realization of a kitchen, but also functional and stylistically unmatched. Confiding in Dedalo Stone skills, it will be easy to choose the best marble for kitchen both for mechanical characteristics and for color, mood and maintenance.

For example, a white marble kitchen (i.e. a Calacatta marble kitchen) will be an excellent choice in modern apartments or, on the contrary, in liberty or traditional houses: the important thing will be to prefer a design harmony which wisely use ad hoc details. A black marble kitchen, on the other hand, is a hyper-luxurious and look great in contemporary and futuristic contexts.

Finally, the most colorful and veined marbles (such as a green marble kitchen) are the best choice in rustic, country, shabby, ethnic or industry houses.

White Marble Kitchen from Carrara

White Carrara marble Kitchen

Let’s linger on the white Carrara marble kitchen. This kind of material proves to be not only precious and timeless, but also the best and most versatile solution for classic kitchens or for combining different styles of environments.

Soft or more geometric lines, minimal details or tending to poor art will not clash with the light Carrara marble and indeed will take on that extra something that never hurts and that will give extraordinary brightness to the whole white marble kitchen.

Marble and wood kitchens

The marble and wood kitchen can be wonderfully combined with other interventions and furnishings, designed and made with the same combination of fine materials.

Stone and wood kitchens can be put on the same level: they often have a more rustic style, perfect for recreating for example a Nordic living area or a room that recalls the classic mountain chalets.

Dedalo will always be able to find the best essences and types of marble and wood to achieve the desired allure and, at the same time, be harmonious with the rest of the house.

Marble and wood kitchen
Travertine kitchen with wooden table

Onyx kitchens

Onyx kitchen

An onyx kitchen is one of Dedalo Stone’s most luxurious proposals, precisely because of the particularity and value of the material itself and its workmanship.

In particular, what the Company offers is a back-lit marble kitchen, therefore modern and functional, but characterized by the elegance of onyx and by the warmth and mysteriousness of its veins.

It is a perfect project for villas, yachts, gourmet restaurants, hotels and businesses that have a unique style and want to be enhanced by a truly magnificent and unparalleled piece of furniture.

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