Stone and Marble Wall Cladding

Natural Stone Tiles for Interiors: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living and Outdoor

Stone and marble wall cladding is a real work of art besides a furnishing element, able to transport us to an authentic and historical dimension, in contact with an ancient and precious natural stone.

stone and marble wall cladding

In contemporary design, in addition to floors, marble stone wall cladding is often used in various rooms of the house, such as the living room, bathroom and kitchen, in a simple and linear way. Our designers, in addition to the cutting and sale of classic marble slabs and tiles, have gone beyond this two-dimensional use of stone and have designed a line of marble wall covering for interiors or exteriors, with three-dimensional finishes and textures.

  • Snake

    Designer: Davide Devoti

  • Sand

    Designer: Davide Devoti

  • Rain

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  • Thunderstorm

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  • Ellipse

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  • Hexagon

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  • Waves

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  • Smoke

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Marble stone wall cladding: the beauty of a natural stone wall cladding

marble coverings with three-dimensional textures and finishes

The intrinsic characteristics of marble such as brightness, durability, resistance and elegance have been well known since ancient times, and marble stone wall cladding is one of the examples that most clearly shows all these qualities. A marble wall cladding can enhance any environment, wherever it is: you can find stone and marble wall cladding for indoor spaces or you can also often find marble cladding for exterior walls, such as for facades or particular details. A marble wall, in fact, is an extremely versatile element thanks to the different marble wall cladding designs available, the colors, the type of cut of the slab, the processes and the customized textures/patterns that can be created. In the following paragraphs we will show which are the most common applications of stone and marble wall cladding in the different contexts listed above.

Marble cladding for exterior walls

Marble has always been used in marble cladding for exterior walls in the construction of facades of houses and buildings of interest. An external marble stone wall cladding communicates a luxurious elegance that has its roots in the past. As for outdoor marble wall covering, the range of natural stones available is very wide. Travertine, together with pale marbles (e.g. grey marble wall cladding), is probably the most historically used marble exterior wall cladding. Considering the action of atmospheric agents on the natural stone, it is possible to carry out some protective treatments with the aim of making the surface of the marble cladding wall less porous. Stone and marble wall cladding can be combined with other types of finishes such as polished, honed, brushed, antiqued and more.

Indoor marble stone wall cladding

white carrara marble floor

Indoor marble stone wall cladding is used to furnish any environment. The most classic trend is to use marble walls for interiors of bathrooms and showers. For marble wall cladding installation, we prefer mostly light-colored stones that give brightness to the room, making it welcoming and elegant. Marbles used to make marble wall covering (such as White Carrara Marble, Crema Luna or Travertine), thanks to their light colors, produce an optical effect such as to make spaces larger. Another possibility is a marble wall covering for the kitchen: in this room, the marble tiles are often integrated with the countertop or sink. This stone and marble wall cladding produces a pleasant and refined visual continuity in the furniture. In any case, it is very easy to find winning applications for this elegant furnishing element: how not to include a travertine marble wall cladding for stairs or a living room wall?

Marble stone wall cladding for bathroom

In recent years, marble has been one of the most used materials for bathroom furnishings and one of the favorite solutions seems to be marble stone wall cladding. The bathroom tends to be one of the smallest rooms in the house and nothing more than a stone and marble wall cladding is able to give light and volume to this environment. The bathroom marble wall covering par excellence is considered the bathroom walls and the shower or tub cladding. There are countless finishes available for bathroom stone and marble wall cladding, each characterized by its own mood and style. What is undoubted is that a bathroom with a marble stone wall cladding always turns out to be indisputably bright and aesthetically exceptional.

Marble wall cladding designs: our works

Bringing marble back to a sculptural and three-dimensional dimension is the philosophy that has always characterized the products of Dedalo Stone and consequently also for the marble wall cladding designs. We have designed stone and marble wall cladding with geometric and clean lines that strongly stimulate the tactile and visual sense, differentiating themselves from the most common wall coverings. The decorations and the marble wall cladding details on the slabs or tiles are inspired by natural elements such as the wind and flowing water. Each of the marble wall cladding designs can be combined with the various types of marble and stone available to achieve various visual effects and a unique marble finish. Among our noteworthy projects we list the examples below:

  • Marble wall cladding for stairs
  • Kitchen marble stone wall cladding
  • Marble and wood bathroom cladding
  • Shower stone and marble wall cladding
  • Marble cladding for exterior walls and facades
  • Marmo Bianco Carrara
    Bianco Carrara
  • Marmo Dedalo Grigio Bardiglio Nuvolato
    Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • Marmo Bianco Calacatta Caldia ®
    Calacatta Caldia ®
  • Marmo Beige Crema Luna
    Crema Luna
  • Marmo giallo Onice Arcoiris
    Onice Arcoiris
  • Marmo Rosso Collemandina
    Rosso Collemandina

And every other material upon customer request.

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