Dark Emperador marble

dark emperador marble

The term “Emperador marble” refers to the most famous variety of marble brown, characterized by a brown crystalline background embellished with a dense network of beige, hazelnut, gray and light brown veins. Emperador marble is a stone product from southern Spain: the quarries of this brown marble are in fact found in the Spanish provinces of Alicante and Murcia. There are essentially two variants of the Emperador marble: the first is known with the name of dark Emperador marble while the second with the name of light Emperador marble.

Dark emperador is a stone that looks a lot like marble but is actually classified as a breccia. The shades that dark Emperador marble can take depend not only on the area of ​​extraction, of course, but on the concentration of some elements that make it up, including minerals, crystals and calcite. The dark background of the Emperador dark marble, sometimes tending to dark gray and black, is enhanced by tree-like marble veins in beige, cream, up to hazelnut and caramel. The presence in its structure of white crystals and saline, makes the surface of the dark Emperador extremely precious, with almost golden reflections.

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Given the indisputable elegance of dark Emperador marble, this material is mostly chosen for fine coatings or in luxury and extra-luxury settings. In addition, the dark Emperador marble, both dark and light, is particularly robust and resistant to trampling and wear: this makes it an excellent material for both indoor and outdoor applications. The surface of the Emperador dark marble is rather porous; this is the reason why it is generally made perfectly smooth by resin. After that, the processes to which dark Emperador marble can be subjected are many: however, the glossy finish is undoubtedly the one that best brings out the brilliance of its splendid veins.

Among the most common creations in Emperador dark marble, it is possible to find horizontal and vertical coverings, stairs, kitchen tops, shower trays and sinks, but also decorative elements such as columns, frames, arches and fountains. As with other dark marbles, dark Emperador is successfully combined with other lighter stones or other materials, creating a spectacular light-dark effect.

Material: Marble
Color: Brown
Origin: Spagna
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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