Pietra Grey Marble

pietra gray marble

Pietra Grey is a precious material with a homogeneous dark grey background and marked by elegant and subtle white veins. The white crystalline filaments, like scratches that furrow the anthracite-colored background, decorate the surface of the stone, creating extremely refined patterns.

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Thanks to its harmonious aesthetic and its unmistakable style, Pietra grey marble is suitable for decorating luxurious and elegant environments.
This marvelous grey marble comes from the mountains of Iran and, in particular, the quarrying area is located in the region around Isfahan.
Technically, Pietra Grey is a gray calcite marble with a uniform and compact appearance and whose colors derive mainly from the presence of elements such as carbon and graphite. Depending on the quarry from which it is extracted, the base color of Pietra Grey can range from dove gray to anthracite gray: the constant feature, on the other hand, remains the thin white streaks and some slate-colored glazes which give brightness and movement to the whole. Although Pietra Grey is a medium-hard and weather-resistant material, it is not particularly resistant to frost and acids: for this reason, Pietra Grey marble is used especially in interior design in dry environments and is in fact mainly required as a material for the cladding of floors and stairs.

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Architects and designers from all over the world choose Pietra Grey for luxury claddings of both internal and external floors and walls, as well as for the creation of worktops and decorative objects in the bathroom or kitchen, both in residential contexts and for luxury hotels. Generally, Pietra Grey gives a current imprint to the space and it is for this reason that it fits perfectly in contemporary contexts; thanks to its peculiar chromatic balance it manages to give dynamism and extreme elegance to the rooms in which it is inserted.
To conclude, the polished or brushed finish is undoubtedly the one that best brings out the aesthetic qualities of Pietra Grey marble. However, depending on the processing, Pietra Grey can also be inserted in different contexts, whether they have a classic or modern character: for example, thanks to bush-hammering or sandblasting, it is possible to obtain a stone surface with discrete anti-slip properties and therefore suitable in outdoor environments.

Material: Marble
Color: Grey
Origin: Iran
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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