Marble and natural stone Shower Bases and Pans

Furnishing solutions for modern stone bathrooms made in Carrara

Marble shower bases and pans
Our Shower Bases in Marble

Our marble shower bases are elegant and functional works of art. Stepping barefoot onto the natural stone shower base is a refreshing and relaxing experience. Dedalo Stone’s collection of modern shower bases have minimal and essential lines, ideal for modern bathroom furnishings.

shower bases in marble and natural stone

Quadra and Onda are rectangular flush-fitting marble bases that can be installed as either a built-in or free-standing version. Both of these shower bases are low and have a hidden waste pipe. Fiume, our most original yet eccentric natural stone shower base, is inspired by the calm bed of a stream with its shiny pebbles in its depths.

Custom made shower bases and pans: Rectangular, circular and angular (for corners)

Our collection of custom made marble shower bases create solutions for every type of bathroom and bathroom furnishing. The varying dimensions of our shower bases encompass the most common requests on the market, for example: standard medium and small sizes such as 65×80 cm, 110×80 cm and bigger sizes such as 90×120 cm, 70×140 cm and 150x70cm.

You can characterise your bathroom with a rectangular, circular, square or angular shower base. Each product is made of monolithic marble and can be personalised according to the tastes and needs of the client. The sides and edges can be worked and shaped in order to perfectly combine with any shower stall on the market.

Flush-to-floor solution

In modern and luxurious settings a widely used solutions is a flush with the floor marble shower base, also known as flush-to-floor. This variant is laid at the usual floor level with the waste pipe installed under the floor, giving an elegant and visually pleasing result. The slight inclination of our flush-to-floor shower bases prevents the stagnation of water, allows for faster draining and avoids getting the surrounding area wet.

Flush-to-floor marble shower base

Non-slip materials and treatments

Our monolithic natural stone shower bases draw the inspiration and essence of their shapes from nature. The creative minds here at Dedalo Stone have made sure all of our products have the same look and feel so that the client can complete any bathroom space with a coordinated and uniform design. You can choose from one of the materials here on our page or customise your shower base by choosing any type of marble or natural stone on the market, such as, Travertine or Pietra Lavica.

To create a non-slip marble shower base it is possible to treat the stone with solutions that act on the porosity of the material. Another solution is to engrave a faint geometric or personalised texture on the surface of the shower base to create more grip and comfort on the feet.

White Carrara marble shower base

Carrara marble bases and pansThe Carrara marble shower base is a staple of excellence in the world of design and stone materials. It is with great pride and joy that our craftsmen work in Carrara, where our marble is carefully chosen directly from the quarry making sure to choose the best block with the best veins. Statuario, Arabescato, Venato and Calacatta are the most recommended white marbles from the Carrara quarries and most used for washbasins, shower bases, baths and other bathroom furnishings.

Our Marbles available for Shower Bases
  • Marmo Bianco Carrara
    Bianco Carrara
  • Marmo Dedalo Grigio Bardiglio Nuvolato
    Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • Marmo Bianco Calacatta Caldia ®
    Calacatta Caldia ®
  • Marmo Beige Crema Luna
    Crema Luna
  • Marmo giallo Onice Arcoiris
    Onice Arcoiris
  • Marmo Rosso Collemandina
    Rosso Collemandina

And every other material upon customer request.

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