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Dedalo Stone establishes itself in the stone industry for the careful selection of marble slabs within its design projects. There are many companies that deal with marble sales or online marble sales but Dedalo Stone is not limited to this aspect. We take care of guiding the Customer in the best choice among all the marble slabs for sale on the market. The right marble slabs for a given project are identified on the basis of a series of factors including the mood you want to create, the application of the marble slabs (e.g. outdoor spaces, worktops, floors, decorative elements, etc.) and obviously the tastes of the Customer. Speaking of marble, marble slabs price, chromatic peculiarities and technical characteristics can confuse the Customer, making complex a choice which should certainly be thoughtful but at the same time pleasant.

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We accompany the Customer in the choice path which is not limited only to the marble sales activity but, in the case of particular projects, we even go together directly to the quarry to select the marble blocks with which to realize the project and wisely explain the specifications of the different marble blocks for sale or the many marble slabs for sale available.

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Therefore, in addition to the mere marble sales as you can find by the many marble sales companies or on the many online marble sales websites, we wisely direct the Customer towards the marble slabs for sale and the marble blocks for sale that are more suitable for the Customer’s project, thanks to the long experience in the sector and the vast and varied portfolio of projects and realizations.

Marble slabs for sale from all over the world

marble sales warehouseOne of the essential aspects of Dedalo’s philosophy is that there are no limits, and this concept also applies to the selection of marble slabs or marble blocks. As a matter of fact, we are able to choose among the most disparate varieties of marble slabs for sale. We use the best marble slabs from all over the world, always with the aim of finding the perfect material for each project. When it comes to Italian marble slabs, the most popular varieties are undoubtedly the classic white ones coming from the Carrara extraction basin located in the Apuan Alps: just think of the famous Carrara marble blocks for sale such as Bianco Carrara marble or Statuario marble or Calacatta marble. However, in addition to these types, we use marble slabs of the most disparate colors from black marble to pink marble. As you can see, marble sale is an immense sector with varieties of marble slabs for sale from all over the world and it is for this reason that it is advisable to always rely on experts such as Dedalo’s staff.

Marble sales: design projects with the many marble slabs available

In light of all these aspects, it is possible to understand that everything is possible for our staff. It is true that the marble slabs available are innumerable as are the many types of marble blocks for sale; however, Dedalo Stone is able to help the Customer in every aspect, from the design to the selection of the marble blocks, from the available processes for the marble slabs to their installation on site. In furniture and design, there is a constant need for dialogue and exchange of views: this is why it is essential to rely on the experience of a company in the field like Dedalo.

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