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Used since ancient times for its highly decorative character, green marble is nowadays one of the strongest trends in furniture and design. In fact, green marble, already used in Roman times for the creation of splendid mosaics and famous works of architecture, is undoubtedly characterized by a color which associates with ideas of peace and quiet.
Marble green brings with it the color of nature and the world of plants: we therefore understand why green marbles are particularly suitable for bringing harmony and balance into the home.
The relaxing atmospheres typical of green marble stone can be created in any room of your home whether the furniture has a classic or modern cut: there are many types of green marble which allow for a perfect combination in any situation. Among the most famous and appreciated green marbles for furnishing we cannot fail to mention green Prato marble, Verde Alpi marble or Guatemala green marble. One certainty: whatever stone is chosen among all the types of green marble slab and green granite available; the final solution will have a strong impact and will give the environment a touch of unparalleled luxury and refinement.

Characteristics and types of green marble

green marble slab

Green marbles chromatically refer to nature and their surfaces, generally very rich in veins, clasts and intrusions, naturally recall the green shades of vegetation. In a certain sense, thanks to green marble, the boundaries between home and garden have begun to blur.
Italy has a good tradition with regards to green marbles: various types of green marble are extracted throughout the country, such as the green Prato marble, Verde Alpi marble, Verde Polcevera marble or Piedmont green marble. All these types of green marble tile are characterized by a very dynamic surface from a chromatic point of view: the background is generally dark green and is enriched by refined whitish veins and precious emerald green shades.
In addition to green marbles, it is possible to find other types of green building stones such as onyx: Pakistan green onyx is a wonderful calcareous onyx and very suitable for backlit installations. Finally, it is also possible to find green granites such as the famous Amazonite green marble.

Historical background of green marble stone

Green marble was already used in the Minoan-Mycenaean era and was then rediscovered by the Romans in the mid-1st century BC. and used extensively from the Augustan age to the Byzantine era. One of the most famous types of marble green was undoubtedly the Ancient Green Porphyry (also known as Serpentine and Green Porphyry of Greece) extracted in the Peloponnese.
The use of green marble slabs then continued during the Middle Ages and in particular in the Romanesque period. In Tuscan Romanesque architecture, for example, it was very common to combine black and green marble as well as green and white marble or a light green marble with other darker marbles from the Carrara area.
Monuments in green marble continued to be built even during the Gothic and Renaissance periods.

Green marble in interior design

green marble bathroom

Marble green is currently one of the biggest trends in interior design. The first use that is made for green marble is undoubtedly within luxury contexts and especially in hotels and spa & wellness areas due to its calm and relaxing colour: in these environments it is possible to find green marble slab or green marble tile claddings. However, green marble can be incorporated into any space to lend a touch of luxury and glamor beyond compare.
The room in the house that goes best with green marble is the green marble bathroom: the green marble bathroom is an increasingly popular choice among interior designers especially in situations where green and white marble are combined, wooden furniture and accessories with a gold or brass finish (green and gold marble).
The green marble kitchen can be embellished with elements such as a green marble countertop, a green marble table or an emerald green marble floor.
Other very common solutions in addition are shelves, green marble countertops, green marble dining table or green marble coffee table and other small decorative objects such as vases, soap dishes and candle holders.

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