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In the presence of antique-looking rooms characterized by classic elegance, pink marble represents a chic and original solution. The sweet and gentle color of rose marble matches perfectly with both gold and chrome metal details: a typical and elegant combination for bathroom furnishings is, in fact, that of pink marble and gold or chrome taps and fittings.
The different types of pink marble available allow to obtain very different moods, from the rustic one to the delicate and relaxing one.

Characteristics and types of pink marble

Europe, and in particular Italy, is the main place of extraction of pink marble rock and all its types. Among the other places of extraction of pink marble to be included there are also Greece (for example Rosa Egeo marble) and Turkey (such as Rosa Tea marble).

pink marble floor

The shades offered by the various types of pink marble are truly numerous and each one manages to create a unique and elegant mood in its own way. The pink marble variants that we have selected can be divided by color characteristics and textures into five categories: light pink marble tending to white (pink Carrara marble or rosa Bellissimo marble), the hottest pink marble tending to yellow tones (e.g. rosa Perlino marble), pink marble with darker tones towards red including Rosa Tea marble and Rosa del Garda marble, dotted pink marble due to the granite nature of the stone (e.g. rosa Porrino granite or rosa Beta marble) and finally the pink marble stone par excellence which sees in rosa marble Portugal one of the most important representatives. Another famous pink marble is the Tennessee pink marble which is not mentioned in this article but you can know more about this stone through our specific article.

Historical background of pink marble stone

Although in ancient times white marble turned out to be the most sought-after stone as an unequivocal symbol of purity, both the Romans and the peoples of the Middle East often used colored marbles: in particular, red marble and pink marble, generally in contrast with other colors such as white marble or black marble, represented a common solution for the creation of sculptures, flooring and other architectural works. Pink marble and colored marbles in general have subsequently seen a decline in use and then come back into vogue in the Baroque era up to the present day when colored marbles are extremely appreciated and inserted in the most varied contexts. Nowadays, pink marble is mainly used in indoor applications in contexts where the creation of relaxing and peaceful atmospheres is required, such as the pink marble bathroom.

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Pink marble in interior design

pink marble interiorsPink marble is one of the most suitable marbles to give the environment an ancient and relaxing character. Hence the reason why, nowadays, pink marble stone is mainly used for indoor applications. In interior design, in fact, pink marble can be successfully used both as a covering and as a furnishing accessory (e.g., a pink marble bathtub or a pink marble sink). Another popular solution is the pink marble floor.
The pink marble pattern and texture goes very well with the bathroom due to its relaxing and fresh tone. Finally, rose marble is flanked most often by elements and details made of metals of various types and colors, from black metal to chrome and even gold (e.g., pink and gold marble): we are talking about taps, fittings, hangers, towel racks and similar accessories.
The most common and successful uses of pink marble rock are listed below:

  • Pink marble floor
  • Pink marble bathroom
  • Pink marble countertops
  • Pink marble table
  • Pink marble coffee table
  • Pink marble tray
  • Pink marble vanity
  • Pink marble fireplace
  • Pink marble stairs
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