Dark Blue Marble

Dark blue marble is one of the most particular marbles that can be found in the stone market. It is not always dark blue marble but, sometimes, it is possible to find stones of different nature in shades of dark blue such as granite and similar (sodalite, , etc.). Basically, dark blue marble is a non-homogeneous marble but characterized by frequent veins, dots, intrusions, clouds and stains: all elements that give dark blue marble an incredible dynamism and an appearance very similar to an abstract painting or a precious tapestry.

Nonetheless, it must be said that the characteristic shades of dark blue marble are not easily matched and need industry experts who can advise the customer in carrying out the project in dark blue marble. As with dark marbles in general, the most suitable context of application for dark blue marble is the one characterized by luxury and splendor: a floor or wall covering in dark blue marble certainly has a unique and breathtaking effect; or, the inclusion of dark blue marble elements, such as a table, a worktop, a bathtub or a fireplace can effectively draw the observer’s attention to a specific room in the house.

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