white marble with grey veins

White marble with grey veins

The white marble with grey veins represents the most famous and appreciated combination in the veined stone category. White marble, marble par excellence, can be crossed by various types of veins but the most common ones have a color ranging from light gray to dark gray and can be defined or shaded. The white Calacatta marble, for example, is a white marble with light grey veins of different thickness. Statuario marble, on the other hand, is a white marble with gray veins of a darker color. Its veins are more evident and often delimit more or less large gray spots.
As we know, the marble veins not only have a branched appearance but can also have a more linear and regular pattern depending on the stone material or the cut of the stone (vein cut). A white marble with grey veins with these peculiarities is Bianco Lasa marble and in particular Bianco Lasa gold vein marble: a white marble with grey and gold veins, with a rectilinear pattern.

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