marble with beige veining

Marble with beige veining

In addition to the flowery appearance of beige marble, it is not unusual to find splendid types of marble with beige veining. Perhaps the beige marble with vein par excellence is represented by the Botticino marble whose surface of uniform beige color is enriched with dynamics thanks to irregular and elegant veins of brownish color. Even in the semi-classic variety we are faced with one of the most beautiful examples of white marble with beige veins

Another noteworthy beige vein marble is undoubtedly the daino reale marble in its veined variety: in this case we are faced with a breach with a less homogeneous chromatic appearance than most beige marbles. Impossible not to talk about marble with beige veining without mentioning the serpeggiante marble, a variety of the famous Trani stone characterized by an important presence of long and parallel veins. For all these types of marble with beige veining, a glossy finish is recommended in order to enhance, precisely, the characteristic veins.

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