Travertine Slabs for Sale

The Travertine slab is the typical form in which this natural stone material is available on the market.
Travertine slabs are extracted from numerous quarries in Italy, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. It is a very versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications, both internal and external.

Characteristics of travertine slabs

The Travertine slab offers several of advantages over other building materials. In particular, travertine slabs are:
Durable: the Travertine slab is very hard and durable; it can also withstand adverse weather conditions and daily use.
Versatile: Travertine slabs can be used for a variety of applications, both interior and exterior. They can be used for coverings, floors, stairs, a kitchen travertine countertop slab and much more.
Beautiful: travertine has a natural beauty that makes it a highly appreciated material for its elegance and refinement.

Types of travertine slabs

There are different types of Travertine slab, each with its own appearance and characteristics.
Travertines can be grouped by color: silver Travertine slab, beige Travertine slab, black Travertine slab, grey Travertine slab, ivory Travertine slab and many more.
There are also different types of travertine. Some of the most sought-after types are:

  • Classic travertine: classic travertine stone slab has a beige background with white veins. It is the most common and versatile type of travertine slab.
  • Navona Travertine: Navona travertine slab has a white background with red veins. It is a very elegant and refined material.
  • Roman travertine: Roman travertine slab has a beige background with brown veins. It is a very rustic and natural material.

Travertine slab price

Travertine slab cost varies depending on the type of travertine, the size and thickness of the slabs. In general, classic travertine slabs are the cheapest, followed by Roman travertine stone slabs and Navona travertine slabs. Obviously, large Travertine slabs are more expensive.
Travertine slab dimensions: the dimensions of the travertine slab can reach approximately 3 x 2 m with a thickness of 2 or 3 cm. It is possible to request greater sheet thicknesses.

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