brown veined marble

Brown vein marble

The brown vein marble par excellence is undoubtedly the Emperador marble. There are two varieties of this splendid stone material: Emperador dark marble (dark brown marble with white veins) and Emperador light marble (light brown marble with white veins). Both varieties represent a brown vein marble with beige, hazelnut and gold tree-like veins which stand out particularly on the Emperador dark variety, as the chromatic contrast is more evident. Speaking of veins, it is impossible not to mention the Eramosa brown marble: a brown vein marble from Canada with unique aesthetic characteristics. This brown vein marble reveals two opposite faces according to the cut to which the block is subjected: if vein cut, this brown vein marble shows many parallel and long-limbed veins; on the contrary, if the slab is cross cut, the veins create incredibly sophisticated designs and shapes, almost like arabesques on a tapestry.

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