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Black marble stone is undoubtedly considered one of the most refined marbles and therefore particularly suitable for luxury and extra luxury spaces. The elegant and refined color of black marble stone makes it perfect for the creation of indoor walls and floor tiles, especially if placed within a modern or contemporary context. There are several types of black marble, all very elegant and impactful, each with unique characteristics.

Characteristics and types of black marble

Various types of black marble are mined in many parts of the world but, unlike white marble which is a metamorphosed limestone, black marble stone is technically a sedimentary limestone rich in organic bitumen: hence its peculiar viscous black color. Furthermore, a mixture of different minerals inside creates a refined interweaving of streaks and shades that make this marble a stone with a great stylistic impact.

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Each black marble stone has streaks and chromatic effects that are very different from each other: there are types of black marble with a uniform color such as absolute black marble stone and Belgian black marble stone, or marbles with white veins such as black Marquinia marble and black Calacatta marble or even gilded as in the case of Nero Portoro marble or Sahara Noir black marble stone. Finally, there are types of black marble which are actually granites; for this reason, the term black marble stone is used improperly: this is the case of African black marble stone and black Labrador marble.

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Historical background of black marble stone

As we know, in ancient times black marble stone was not the most sought-after stone but white marble, in particular the most crystalline and uniform white marble, a symbol of purity, innocence and divinity. The less impurities the marble had, the more value it acquired. Over the centuries, tastes and styles have obviously changed and, as a result, architecture and design have begun to appreciate and use different varieties of marble, including different types of black marble. So, while previously black marble stone was used most often in contrast with white marble (think of the facades of some churches and checkerboard flooring) or in the form of funerary art (urns, tombstones, etc.), from the baroque time, black marble stone began to be used also for different realizations. The 60s and 70s of the twentieth century were a very lucky period for black marble stone after which this stone went through an out-of-fashion phase and then returned to vogue in recent decades, almost always associated with ideas of luxury and modern and contemporary splendor. Nero Portoro marble is nowadays the most expensive among types of black marble and one of the most expensive marbles on the market in general.

Black marble in interior design

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In contrast to the versatility of classic white marble, black marble stone is certainly more difficult to match. For the choice of the black marble stone that best suits the style and mood of the environment, it is advisable to rely on experts in the field since the possibilities that black marble stone offers today are as numerous as those of white marble but the combinations must be done with caution. One of the favorite choices of interior design with black marble stone is undoubtedly a black marble floor in a minimal setting with sober furnishings. In the kitchen, black marble stone can be used for the kitchen top and in the bathroom for wall tiles, sanitary ware or for the bathtub. The most common and successful uses of black marble stone are listed below:

  • Black marble floor
  • Black marble kitchen countertops
  • Black marble bathroom
  • Black marble shower or bathtub
  • Black marble fireplace
  • Black marble table
  • Black marble coffee table
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