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Grey marble chromatically represents an intermediate solution between white and black marble. White marble is considered the marble par excellence, an allegory of purity and divinity; black marble is almost always associated with extra-luxury spaces and is an elegant and refined option if inserted wisely, given its dark tones that could affect the brightness of the room. Well, grey marble, thanks also to numerous varieties more or less clear or veined, in some way has both the prerogatives of one and the other and consequently can be successfully installed even in very different contexts.

Characteristics and Types of Grey Marble

Italy is a nation very rich in grey marble, from the Friulan Grigio Carnico marble to the Billiemi Grey marble in Sicily. Talking of grey Italian marble, there are very different varieties both in terms of color and pattern: Bardiglio marble, for example, is a veined gray marble while Pietra di Bedonia stone is an opaque grey marble with a uniform and slightly veiled and dotted texture.

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Another factor to be taken into consideration for some types of grey marble is also the block from which it is extracted. Bardiglio marble, for example, is a white and grey marble with evident streaks whose chromatic effect can be different depending on the extraction block, so much so that it can be considered at the same time a light grey marble and a marble dark grey.
In addition to Italy, the Middle East is also an area of extraction of varieties of grey marbles such as Pietra Medea stone or Pietra Grey.

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Historical Background of Grey Marble Stone

As we all know, white marble has always been an emblem of purity and perfection. Michelangelo carefully chose the whitest and brightest marbles directly in the quarry in the mining area of ​​the Apuan Alps. On the contrary, grey marble types such as Bardiglio were generally less used for sculptures as they were rich in veins and impurities. At the same time, however, being in good quantities and at lower prices, grey marble was widely used in construction, for example for the construction of floors, interior cladding, columns, capitals and other architectural details. If on the one hand gray marble types such as Bardiglio were considered far from perfection, on the other hand the typical presence of veins on the grey marble texture has always made them extremely recognizable, also becoming the quintessence of marble.
As a demonstration of the above, marble is one of the most reproduced materials (e.g. by means of resins) and, to make it more recognizable, the faux marble is recreated precisely with the light grey and dark grey veins typical of the white marble with grey veins.

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Grey Marble in Interior Design

gray marble showerGrey marble is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated marbles by interior designers for a number of reasons. First of all, grey marble is characterized by a neutral color, always current and timeless.

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Secondly, gray marble is extremely versatile and can be combined with any other color and any type of space and mood, furniture or style (from classic to ultra-modern). Finally, grey marble symbolizes refinement and balance and is a perfect material for creating rooms with a calm and relaxed character.
In light of the above, grey marble is excellent for creating elegant flooring or cladding as well as gray marble tile stairs or kitchen countertops. Another highly appreciated solution are the grey and white marble bathrooms which, depending on the context and furnishings, can be created using light grey marble or marble dark grey.
Speaking of the most frequent applications of gray marble, therefore, it is impossible not to include:

  • Grey marble flooring
  • Grey bathroom marble
  • Gray marble countertop for kitchen
  • Grey marble stairs
  • Grey marble coffee table
  • Grey marble wall cladding
  • Fireplace grey marble
  • Grey marble table
  • Grey marble shower
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