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Fantasy brown marble is a natural stone with excellent technical properties which is widely used for embellish indoor spaces and, in particular, for the realization of kitchen countertops. Brown Fantasy marble is quarried in a region called Rajasthan, in the north of India.

Fantasy brown marble is a stone with beautiful aesthetic and chromatic qualities. Its surface is a palette of different colors and a painting full of wonderful and precious cloudings and shades. The Fantasy Brown marble overall color is certainly brown, more precisely sand color, but it’s not just brown at all: the range of colors is pretty wide and we can find cream, gray, green, white and gold on the same Fantasy brown marble slab. The veins of marble Fantasy brown are smooth and resemble soft swirling waves or brushstrokes of sandy gray, chestnut, pastel beige and earthy brown.

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Fantasy brown marble is quite famous for always being at the center of a technical debate: essentially, the point is that it is not clear what kind of rock brown fantasy is. Is Fantasy brown granite or marble? Or, is Fantasy brown marble or quartzite? Depending on the interlocutor, the answer could always be different; in reality there is not a totally correct answer and in the following paragraphs we will try to better clarify this topic.

Is fantasy brown marble or granite?

You too are wondering “is Fantasy brown marble or granite?”. This confusion undoubtedly stems from the fact that Fantasy brown marble looks like marble but it is far more durable, such as granite. Fantasy brown marble cannot be defined as granite because granite comes from lava while it is formed by metamorphic rocks. Technically speaking, brown Fantasy marble is a sedimentary stone, which is not at all a granite rock.

Is fantasy brown marble or quartzite?

Therefore, is Fantasy brown quartzite or marble? Even if Fantasy brown marble is rugged as quartzite, it cannot even fall into this category. The percentage of quartzite contained within Brown Fantasy marble is not enough to be called quartzite to all effects. Finally, Fantasy brown marble is too soft to be considered quartzite. Then, is Fantasy brown granite quartzite or marble? None of them is totally correct, actually. Fantasy brown marble is technically a combination of quartzite and marble: more precisely, it is layers of quartzite and marble which have been fused together with time.

Are fantasy brown marble countertops good for my kitchen?

All the technical and aesthetic features of this incredible material make it a perfect choice for the realization of fantasy brown marble countertops. Its mixing of sandy brown colors makes the Fantasy brown marble countertop combinable with any mood, furniture, colors or materials. Moreover, the presence of quartzite within this stone guarantees a much higher resistance compared to marble: as a matter of fact, Fantasy brown marble countertops are sturdy, do not suffer from etching and staining and are scratch resistant. The economic aspect also makes this stone an interesting choice for the creation of your Fantasy brown marble countertop: it is extracted easily and in good quantities and it is thus competitive in terms of costs.

In conclusion, Fantasy brown marble kitchen countertops are attractive, durable and affordable.

Fantasy brown marble in interior design

Fantasy brown marble has been increasingly chosen in the last years for indoor cladding. Its marvelous chromatic peculiarities and technical features go along with solutions such as a Fantasy brown marble bathroom (in particular sinks and shower trays) as well as a Fantasy brown marble kitchen (for instance countertops, backsplashes and flooring). As per the finishes, there are several possibilities but the typical choices are generally the Fantasy brown brushed marble and the Fantasy brown polished marble.

As previously said, the Fantasy brown marble price per square foot is lower compared to other marble varieties making it an interesting interior design solution (together with its durability and resistance), especially in elegant and modern contexts.

Material: Marble
Color: Brown
Origin: India
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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