Light Emperador marble

light emperador marble

Among the different Emperador marbles, light Emperador marble is the one with the lightest and brightest shade. Its highly irregular background, in fact, is characterized by a warm hazelnut color which is lightened in the overall view by shades and by a dense branching of veins tending to white and in some cases to gold. Since it is a light marble, light Emperador marble is easier to combine but it is preferred to use it mainly indoors, especially for the creation of light Emperador marble floors, or in bathroom furniture for various types of coverings.

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Like the dark Emperador marble, the light Emperador marble has a considerable number of micro-holes which are covered in most cases thanks to a resin treatment; finally, the finish with which you can best appreciate the incredible beauty and elegance of this stone is always the polishing one.

Material: Marble
Color: Brown
Origin: Spagna
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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