Daino Imperiale Marble

marble daino imperiale

Marmo daino imperiale is a natural stone extracted in Sardinia. The main mining activity of marmo daino imperiale is in the province of Nuoro in Orosei: in fact, on the national market, marmo daino imperiale is perhaps best known under the name “Orosei marble”.

marmo daino imperiale slabs for sale

Beyond the nomenclature, marmo daino imperiale is a warm cream-colored breccia whose surface is embellished and chromatically enriched by inclusions of fossils of corals, shells, algae, minerals and other organisms. Sometimes its surface has lighter clouds and we therefore speak of marmo daino imperiale nuvolato; in other cases, however, evident transverse veins give life to what is called veined marmo daino imperiale. In any case, marmo daino imperiale is an excellent stone product for both indoor and outdoor applications and mainly used for the creation of bathroom tops, floors, walls and kitchen tops both with a traditional and modern character.

Material: Marble
Color: Beige
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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