Marble Thresholds and Windowsills

marble threshold

Marble thresholds are surely a distinctive home element as well as being the best solution for a house that wants to maintain its original beauty over time, given the intrinsic characteristics of the stone, used since ancient times for the construction of buildings and major works. The splendor and charm transmitted by the stone, allow you to create a marble windowsill perfect for making a home cozy and warm, but also to give greater expression to an entry threshold.

Marble Thresholds

travertine threshold marble

Different types of this stone can be used to create a marble threshold and, thanks to the enormous variety of shades of color given by the natural veins, all these varieties are able to adapt to any context, be it classic and traditional or modern and avant-garde.
The marble varieties for stone thresholds are therefore numerous; to obtain a refined effect that does not go unnoticed, it is possible to use Travertine in all its variations to obtain a compact and very versatile marble threshold saddle. Travertine is a marble for thresholds that is characterized by the presence of many small holes which can be properly grouted to make the material waterproof. After grouting, it is possible to sand, polish or brush the stone to complete the finish of the marble threshold. For these reasons, this material is also ideal for realizing a marble threshold for shower.

For those who love more decisive shades, it is possible to create marble thresholds in classic Travertine or in Walnut Travertine, with a more brownish color than the first one, which can be delicately and sensibly paired with other natural materials such as wood, for example.
For luxury homes, the threshold marble par excellence is the Bianco Carrara, which is characterized by an extraordinary brilliance that cannot leave you indifferent. In the same way, Calacatta can be used, with its different light and dark shades, or other types of beige colored marble.

To give a touch of class to a house with a modern style, on the other hand, other marbles for thresholds, such as Nero Marquinia, with a bright and intense color, can also be perfect; also suitable if the house is equipped with clear colored doors, to be combined with the dark floor: the contrast will be of great effect. To create continuity with wooden doors and floors, a Tobacco Brown marble threshold saddle can instead be used, with intense brown shades, capable of giving the whole a deep sense of warmth and hospitality.

marble thresholds and windowsills 1

Marble Windowsills

There are many marbles for windowsills and thresholds that can be chosen for your home. Also in this case, Travertine represents the perfect solution to achieve the best combination of elegance and functionality. In particular, the Travertino Noce marble windowsills adapt to any style of furniture, starting from the classic, passing through the rustic, up to the modern, thanks to the characteristic veins that make the stone unique and inimitable. A windowsill in walnut Travertine marble embellishes the space around and gives the house a unique style.
Botticino is a very elegant marble, whose color varies from beige to purple, which lends itself to being used as a marble for windowsills in many homes, thanks to the evergreen color and the resistance of the material that does not fear external aggression.
Among the most classic marbles for windowsills we find Bianco Carrara, one of the most popular marbles in construction for the brilliance deriving from the very fine grain and for a background color ranging from absolute white to more intense shades tending to gray.

Realization of Thresholds and Windowsills in Marble

The processing of thresholds marble and windowsills marble must be done by companies specialized in the field and that can guarantee the Customer a quality product without neglecting aesthetic beauty. Dedalo Stone, a company that deals with luxury furniture in a professional way, is able to design excellent furnishing solutions, through the drafting of tailor-made projects that may also include the creation of fully customized marble thresholds and windowsills, ad hoc furnishing solution for each individual Customer.
Thanks to Dedalo Stone proven experience in the field of marble threshold installation, the Customer will be able to realize the dream of living in his ideal home, built according to his personal taste but with the best technologies and materials on the market.

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