White marble round tulip table

calacatta viola marble table

Dedalo manufactures marble products for interior design, perfectly in line with the craftsmanship and innovation of modern furniture. Dedalo’s aim is to reaffirm the use of marble in everyday living: this is the reason why Dedalo always offers sculptural forms capable of involving those who want to surround themselves with aesthetically impeccable and, at the same time, functional and practical objects.

The idea of proposing a round marble dining table fully responds to the requests for a modern home, tastefully furnished, without giving up the comfortable aspects. The brand creates its marble top round dining table both starting from a single block, avoiding the use of non-recomposed material and with glued parts, and with separately assembled top and stem. In this way, perfect models of round marble table are realized, true unique pieces able to act as valuable elements in the furnishing of your house.

The artisanal production includes the customization of the round marble kitchen table and the round marble dining table, even for outdoor use. All models are made by following impeccable procedures aimed at creating high quality objects.

Round marble tulip table: a design icon

round marble tulip table

Born with futuristic ideas, both in the choice of its shape and in the use of materials, the round marble tulip table soon became a must for modern design and, at the same time, an element capable of establishing itself as a classic in home furnishings.

The intuition dating back to the fifties of an original and innovative table turned out to be quite lucky. Dedalo has decided to create a marble top tulip table with a design capable of recalling the stem of a tulip, open to support the smooth top, just like a corolla.

The inspiration of the round marble table was to create a unique and truly superb object to be inserted in your house. This goal has been achieved and that is why this marble tulip table is so on trend. Suitable for those who have at their disposal large spaces and volumes to be filled with a piece of furniture different from the usual, a new and more complete way of living the home, the white marble round dining table gives that perfect refined touch to the living room thanks to its refined design.

Choosing a marble top round dining table means having an important presence in your home, a focal point of attention in the dining room or living room able to give prestige and solidity not only to the room but to the whole house.

The desire to have a white marble round dining table can be satisfied by anyone, being careful in choosing a model suitable for their home. The striking example is the round tulip table in marble: precious with its shiny and intriguing top as well as with its original shape.

A piece of furniture of this kind manages to increase the aesthetic value of the whole environment, in the name of eternal elegance: a perfect combination of a natural material such as marble, stone of undisputed value, and any design style, in line with the concept of modernity.

For what concerns the chromatic varieties with which the marble tulip dining table can be realized, there are several possibilities other than the classic white round tulip table. A black marble tulip table, for instance, can convey a powerful and luxurious image. In the next paragraph we will see very elegant model of round tulip dining table made of astonishing purple Calacatta marble.

Calacatta Viola marble table

calacatta viola marble table

 With the re-emergence of the use of marble for furnishing, this material represents an excellent way to have luxurious and valuable furnishing elements at home. The trend of interior designers is to use brecciated and colored marble to create even more original, perfect and handcrafted shapes.

The choice to use this precious stone finds its reason in the particular veins and variety of colors it can take. As marble is a material resulting from a transformation of sedimentary rocks, it has the charm of millennia, made alive by its eternal and timeless presence.

Furnishing your home with a purple Calacatta round marble table gives the living room that luxurious and refined look which emphasizes a special taste in the choice of your furniture. The use of marble with shades of purple by the interior designers for the realization of a round marble table clearly refers to the Medici furniture which was in vogue in Florence. This type of marble is in fact obtained from the Apuan Alps and is known by different names including: Breccia Medicea, Breccia di Seravezza, Fior di Pesco marble, Breccia Vagli Viola, Breccia di Stazzema or Seravezza marble.

Suitable both in the most classic and traditional contexts as well as in modern interiors, obviously depending on the chosen model, the purple Calacatta round marble table represents a choice of elegant and luxurious style, far from obvious. Placing a round marble dining table brings value to the entire room, underlining the taste and style of those who live in the house, and clearly communicates that the owners love to surround themselves with furnishings in line with their personality.

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