Botticino Marble

botticino marble

Botticino marble is an Italian stone product with an unmistakable beige color which has also been used for the creation of world-famous monuments such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, the White House in Washington and the Altare della Patria in Rome. In geological terms, Botticino marble is a micritic limestone, a very fine-grained limestone rock with organic (fossilized organisms) and inorganic inclusions inside which give it a slightly veined and spotted appearance, a peculiar feature of this elegant beige marble.

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Where is it extracted? Botticino marble quarries

Botticino marble comes precisely from Botticino, an Italian town in the province of Brescia, at the foot of the Brescia Prealps. The quarries for the extraction of Botticino beige marble are also found in Nuvolento, Rezzato, Nuvolera and Serle: the extraction area of ​​Brescia, in fact, is in second place in order of importance to that of Carrara as regards the excavation of ornamental stones. Depending on the quarry and the block, Botticino marble tile can have different appearances and colors: the color can vary from ivory white to beige and there may be a more or less frequent or marked presence of yellow ocher veins. Since there are about a hundred quarries of Botticino marble slab and Botticino marble price has seen a downsizing due to fierce competition (marbles from other areas called the same Botticino marble), the Municipality of Botticino and the quarries of the classic area have decided to establish a registered trademark (Consorzio produttori marmo Botticino Classico) in order to protect the area and certify the material coming, in fact, from the classic area of ​​Botticino.

Types of Botticino marble

Since there are different colors and aspects of beige Botticino marble, a distinction is made between its varieties and it is therefore right to talk about different types of Botticino marble. The most famous is obviously the one coming from the classic quarrying area named Botticino classico marble. A similar variety follows but with less marked veins, Botticino semiclassico marble. On a warmer color we then have the Botticino cream marble or with darker veins tending to brown the extra Botticino marble. Finally, with a decidedly different appearance, there is the Botticino fiorito marble which, in addition to being the most resistant variety of all, has characteristic white cloudings similar to flowers.

Botticino marble in interior design

Botticino marble is a very compact rock with low water absorption and porosity values. These technical characteristics make Botticino Italian marble a very resistant material to frost as well as to compression, bending and wear. In the light of the above, we understand why this precious marble is suitable for both the creation of decorative elements, coverings and sculptures both outdoors and indoors. In architecture, the most successful solutions regarding this precious marble are Botticino marble flooring, Botticino marble countertop, stairs as well as coatings in general (e.g. walls with Botticino polished marble tiles) and the creation of window and door sills.

Material: Marble
Color: Beige
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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