Calacatta Marble

calacatta marble

What is Calacatta stone? Calacatta marble is one of the most famous white marbles in the world and a true excellence of the Italian stone field. Calacatta is a highly refined and elegant stone, perfect for indoor use: it is a splendid high-end product whose high demand all over the world makes it one of the rarest and most sought-after white marbles. The availability of Calacatta marble is in fact limited since it is found in only one quarry in the world located in Carrara.

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Characteristics of Calacatta Marble

Extracted from the Carrara quarries, Calacatta marble is classified as a white Apuan marble. Calacatta looks like a fine-grained white marble, with a white background caressed by delicate veins and shades of gray or light yellow. Actually, the shades can range further by oscillating between more particular colors such as ocher, gold, black or even purple sometimes: all these variations in terms of colors and patterns give life to a series of varieties of Calacatta marble as well as to the classic bianco Calacatta. The fact that there are numerous types of white Calacatta marble helps to increase the versatility of this white marble: thanks to all its varieties, in fact, Calacatta can be easily inserted almost anywhere.
Although like all white marbles it requires particular maintenance in order to maintain its qualities (e.g. brilliance) unchanged over time, Calacatta marble is a fairly resistant white marble: also for this reason Calacatta stone is considered a “classic” as well as one of the most common choices among interior designers.

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Uses of Calacatta marble in Interior Design

In addition to its indisputable beauty and elegance, white Calacatta marble is very often used for its resistance and sturdiness: characteristics that make it a perfect material for many interior design applications, from the creation of vertical or horizontal claddings (e.g. Calacatta floor) or for bathroom furnishings up to the creation of decorative elements such as shower trays, kitchen tops, coffee tables or window sills in Calacatta marble.
The greatest quality of Calacatta marble is to be able to make every space it adorns luxurious and luminous. If you opt for a Calacatta floor, you will have a fresh and shiny floor that can illuminate the room and make it seem extremely more spacious. The same effect can be had if you choose to use Calacatta marble for the coverings in the bathroom.
Finally, bianco Calacatta is a perfect marble if you want to enhance or embellish certain spaces or if you want to create an extremely refined and precious detail. Then, you can find tables in Calacatta marble, or frames, fireplaces, steps, backsplashes in Calacatta marble and so on. Even the smallest creation can acquire inestimable value thanks to Calacatta stone, one of the finest marbles in the world.

Material: Marble
Color: White
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, floorings etc.
Surface: Polished, honed, hammered, flamed, chiseled etc.

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