Breccia Aurora

breccia aurora marble

The marble basin in the province of Brescia from which the Botticino marble comes is also rich in another stone product, namely the breccias including breccia Aurora, extracted between the municipalities of Paitone and Gavardo.

breccia aurora marble slabs for sale

Breccia Aurora marble, like the other breccias from this area, differs from Botticino marble for its heterogeneous and multicolored appearance. In particular, breccia Aurora is a beige marble which has more or less marked spots and veins mainly of orange and red-brown color. However, the presence of debris inside the breccia Aurora marble texture is so varied that there are often shades of color that also tend to green, yellow or grayish blue. Due to the marvelous designs that develop on its marble surface, breccia Aurora is particularly well suited to the open spot installation and is mainly used in interior design not only for the creation of breccia Aurora marble flooring and walls with breccia Aurora tiles but also for sculptures and accessories as well as various types of furniture (for example columns and vases in breccia Aurora Italian marble).

Material: Marble
Color: Beige
Origin: Italy
Uses: Coverings, Floor, etc
Surface: Polished, Honed

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